Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Discombobulated thoughts....and some Kudos..

This over-politically correct society we live in is becoming quite annoying to me. The masses seem to care nothing about the issues they really SHOULD be championing for. And other things that appear so common sense to me, bring public outcry that I can't understand! It's frustrating! Today I heard about a raucos in Littleton, CO, over a statue honoring a war hero. A young man who fought valiantly and lost his life in Afghanistan is being honored in his hometown with a life-like statue of himself in his full military gear (weapon and all). But you will remember the tragedy of the school massacre that occurred near Littleton at Columbine school. Because of that frame of reference, people are protesting the placement of the statue. They have equated the evil violence of that fateful day at Columbine with the actions of a war hero. One and the same? I just don't see it. And really I could on and on with stuff I hear that drives me nuts, but I won't. I'll move on to some worthy thoughts that have been running through my mind.

I have often been teased for being the verbose person I am. So, true to form, I have added a "WORD OF THE DAY" link on page! Join with me, and let's stretch our vocabularies together! :) And I hope you enjoy my other 'click-ables' as well.

Now for the Kudos part....

If my memory serves me correctly, Kim's mom suffered her stroke on this date a few years back or really close to it. I know how these "anniversarys" are marked emotionally because November 13 is still a day that is hard for my grandmother; it's the day her life came to a screeching halt due to a massive stroke.
Anyway, I have been thinking of Kim a lot lately and how MUCH I admire her life of sacrifice and self-lessness. Her ears may have been burning a week or so ago, because I was just telling my mom about Kim's latest email update and sharing how hard she works still on her mom's behalf after all these years. My mom reminded me that the Bible pronounces a specific and special blessing on those who 'honor their father and mother'. I don't think one could find a better example of this kind of honor than Kimberly. And then I thought, "have I ever told her that"?

So, with this new (and more public) forum, I just want to say to you, Kim, that you are an example. You are not forgotten in all your labors of love. I admire you and I give you kudos.

Blessings on you all,


Making Memories 1999 said...

I agree with your kudos!! She has my admiration!! Thanks for your note!

Juwah said...

Dittos to your comments. Especially the ones about Kim. As I have grown older my "heros" in life have gone from being singers and the like, to real life people who valiantly face the tough stuff everyday. Kim is one of those people. She is often in my thoughts and prayers.

Marty said...

I agree with you and juwah! Love ya Kimber! Be sure and check out my new blog!

Making Memories 1999 said...

Sorry for leaving a note for Marty here, but I can't get to her blog by clicking on her name. Would love to check out her new blog.

Kimberly Neuenswander said...

I was catching up on your thoughts, Tara, when I scrolled down to this, and was brought to tears. Thank You my friend for your support THEN and now. (I jotted some notes this morning on this issue that should get posted in the next few days.) I am also fighting the fight of self-discipline...guess that will never end:) So thankful for honest and giving friends who see and love us in good and bad times.
(Martha I want your address too!!)