Monday, April 30, 2007

Good Eats......!

I really like the idea of posting favorite recipes, so I thought I'd start with one of our favorites. I love trying new things and would love to know what recipes you all have found tried and true! I have several that are just staples in our house that I will post as time goes on.

I put it over on the side so that it can be up for a few days. Hope you all enjoy! I look forward to seeing some from your kitchens!


Jody Johnson said...

Tara, it's great to find your blog! We think of you guys often. We went through your area a few weekd ago, but of course, we were in a hurry. Would love to see you again. Your kids are beautiful!

Tara said...

Jody~~ HELLO!

LIKEWISE, we think of you all often. We had some wonderful times together in sweet home Alabama, didn't we?!? Do you have a blog as well? If so, send me the link. I am having the BEST time keeping in touch with old friends this way.
Hope to hear from you again.

Marty said...


I doubt we will be at Pell City this year. We are going to Larry's mom and dad's camp in June. So we will be coming thru your area again around Father's Day and then again the next weekend. We MIGHT get to AL for the weekend...not sure. Let me know if you do go though!

Toots said...

I love Julia's idea. I have a feeling my little crew is going to benefit tomorrow morning, as I just printed out your recipe! Thanks!

~Heather~ said...

Thanks for the yummy recipe, I'll look forward to trying it! I plan to post that cappuccino muffin recipe on my blog soon!

Take care, and where's the funny poem and pic of your Kayla did? HA! (Poor Harold!)

Heather =)

Kim M. said...

Tara, your recipe sounds yummy. I actually made some banana pancakes a couple of Sunday mornings ago. I looked at a banana bread recipe and copied it. I just added a little baking powder to it, subtracted the nuts and then plopped them on the griddle. They were a big hit. Great idea. I have some interesting recipes I might post on mine too. Not just food, but cleaning solutions, homemade laundry soap, etc. By the way... let me know if ya'll are going to Alabama camp. I haven't been in years, but could easily go since my family lives in Sylacauga.