Friday, April 6, 2007

Smellin' the roses

Some days I have to deliberately remind myself to stop and enjoy the sounds of shrieking, giggling, and pounding feet across the hardwood floors. This afternoon was one of those times when I just stopped and smiled as Sophie and Cameron chased each other around the house in full volume, the baby tried to sleep in his swing, and Lauren was practicing her handwriting. Time really does pass so quickly and I want to make sure that I enjoy my children. (even if it does take a miraculous aligning of the stars just to get a shower these days!)

Today we learned about Katherine Lee Bates, the difference between bring/take, and celebrated the perfect execution of the printed letter "u". We also are enjoying Reagan's very first smiles in recent days. These are things to cherish. Settling back into a routine after the birth of our little caboose has been a challenge, but it makes each accomplishment that much sweeter.

Meanwhile, as I sit here typing, it is snowing like mad outside. I am so annoyed at the prospect of a "White Easter". We had just pulled out the 'outside toys' and now they're covered in snow!

On this Good Friday, I again pause to be thankful for the sacrifice of my Saviour. He gave His life for mine, and it's my desire to walk worthy of His gift.

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