Sunday, May 27, 2007


As you may notice, it has been a LONG time since my last post! I even hesitate to write now, because there's just so much going on and so much I'd like to share with you and I hardly know where to start!

First, thanks to all of you for your concern re: my health issues. I am still being monitored for my blood pressure, and the doc will be looking further into the diabetes thing next week as well. I'm feeling better this Sunday than I did last Sunday for sure. I spent the better part of Sun night into Mon morning at the E.R. NOT my favorite place to be, but with pressures of 183/125 I didn't really have much choice! Again, thanks for your prayers. I appreciate them and still need them.

Also, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the spirited discussion that took place through my last post. So good for my mind to get to stretch like that! I wish I wouldn't have lost some momentum there for a few days, (sickness)but still I found the thread to be so encouraging, motivating, and convicting. You're a great bunch of ladies!

Last Saturday before all the chaos started around here, we had spent a lovely day together as a family . Went to one of our AWESOME bookstores(used b'day gift card to indulge in 2 new books, and the new Michael Buble' CD!),that sits on a man-made 'lake' where the kids can feed the ducks, etc. Very nice. And then we enjoyed a yummy dinner at the Seafood restaurant there. I'm picky about seafood having spent so many years getting the 'real thing' in FL, but this place is good! HOWEVER, I simply had to post this pic for you, my good friends. !



On to another truly devastating QUANDRY: I could really use some input. Although, I know exactly what you will all say anyway. I really don't have a choice. You see, our Pastor's wife traditionally buys Christening gowns for all the little babies born into the church. She bought Sophie's four years ago, and it was VERY lovely. It's just her 'thing' and that's fine....USUALLY. For some reason (maybe Tara bad luck) she decided to MAKE Reagan's gown. Now, here's the deal. She's a wonderful seamstress. Does good quality work. But for some reason beyond my comprehension, she made Reagan's gown out of EYELET!!!!!!! EYELET LACE, people!!! My precious bouncing baby boy will be wearing a girlie gown. (did that in my best Arnold impersonation). What am I gonna do? When I opened the package, the first thing I noticed were the little BOWS tied on the ends of the arms. (I have since untied those), and then I pulled out this lovely Christening gown.....for a GIRL! Oy! I just had to share my frustration! So, here are pics of the gown and hat. Give me whatcha got. I can take it....really...I can (wailing.....)

In other matters of potpourri, I thought I'd mention about the Creation Museum that's been built outside of Cincy and scheduled to open for the public tomorrow. This has been done by Answers in Genesis, that I'm sure most of you are familiar with. This is very HIGH-TECH, HIGH-QUALITY, museum put together by Christian Scientists at the highest level of professionalism. We have been anticipating its opening for about 2 yrs now, since not much big takes place in KY. And this is the only museum of its kind in the USA. It would not be a far drive for several us to do a combined field trip, and a couple of us are already discussing it. So I thought I'd put it out there and anybody else who wants to join in, we can communicate details via emails! I'm going to try to post a link here from a newspaper regarding the museum to give you a better idea.


Perhaps the Highlight of the week was a family field trip we took to the Ale8 Factory. Seeing how they bottle the 'good stuff' was like a visit to a magic kingdom. :) I will post pics of that another time! I know you can't wait....!

I am currently reading two new books that I am enjoying very much. They are "Sanctuary" by Pamela Baily, and "How to Raise an American" by Myrna Blythe and Chriss Winston. EXCELLENT books, and I plan to review them and add them to my Recommendation section at the bottom of the page. Also, just FYI, this last week Harper Collins Publishers published "The Reagan Diaries", or rather the first in a series. Turns out President Reagan kept detailed diaries in his own hand for the length of his presidency. These were not written for posterity or for any foreknowledge of publication. These were just because he sought solace TREMENDOUSLY by putting pen to paper. So this is a raw, honest look at life in the White House and of the man himself. I'm looking forward to getting a copy of it, and thought I'd pass it on.

Well, I'm going to bring this one to a close now. Surely I have forgotten something that I wanted to share, but that's okay! This has mostly been mish-mosh anyway. And if you're still with me, as I sign off, then you must indeed be my friend! Blessings on you today!


Charity said...

So glad to hear you're feeling much improved! Keep us posted. Love the fake palm tree thing- that's hilarious! Nothing like living your dream, you know. I mean, you know, where else could you go to the Ale8 factory itself?!
And what a beautiful christening gown! Not sure what I'd do. So many of them even in stores are distinctly feminine. I'm sure that many boys have worn them and grown up to become normal young men in spite of the trauma. Good luck with your ethical dilemma!

Jody J said...

Great to hear from you again. Been missing your posts. Wow! That is a big dilema! I really don't know what I'd do. I'd probably take the bows off and let him wear it. (and hope she doesn't read the blog!) Good luck!

Toots said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend! I pray you'll be ALL better soon.
You may not think so, but the post was enjoyable, even to a friend of your friend. : )
I'm glad to hear about the Reagan book! That's a perfect Father's Day idea for my Curt!
I'm slow, but I gather you long for your "homeland", FL! I can't imagine, since I'm not into hot, sultry weather,insects and reptiles! I long for a lodge in the snowy mountains most of the time. I do like the midwest and the south when it's not humid, but I'm not into muggy, buggy nature. Oh well, so much for that. I'm glad you got to at least hug a Palm. That was cute.
I don't have any advice about the gown. It was funny though, and I'm sure you'll deal with it well.
Do take care!

Kimberly said...

I've seen lots of pics. of famous men of yore in such Christening get-ups (a la Winston Churchill, the European kings, etc.), so maybe wearing this will foretell good things for your Reagan:)!

Anita said...


I wouldn't worry about the frills. As Kimberly said, royalty here in UK usually christen their boys in very feminine gowns.

Kelly S said...

I'm afraid my initial impulsive reaction would be like yours. I hate it when people obligate me into something like that. But...I have learned a lot through the years and my advise to you would be to let him wear it. It was a very very sweet and thoughtful gesture and shows how much she loves and cares for the children in your church. Obviously, everyone in the church knows she made it, so they will realize you didn't choose it. That kind of friend is priceless and I would cherish her! If you thought there was any possibility she would read the blog or it would get back to her, I would delete that part of your post. It would be so sad for her to be hurt for doing such a sweet thing for you! It's a beautiful gown and took a lot of time for her to do. God will bless you for your selfishelessness:) Is that a word? :)

Tara said...

Kelly, I appreciate your concern. HOWEVER, there is not a single person in my church who knows I blog. There is not a single person in my church who knows anyone I know. We came there as complete strangers. And for now, my blog is set to private. So unless you know my address specifically you can't get here.

I do apologize if this came off as completely insensitive. Definitely a case of me knowing where I'm coming from, and trusting you to do the same. It was a kind gesture, to be sure.

kayla said...

I think I'll go outside and hug the palm tree in my front yard. Eat your heart out!
Someone bought Collin's dedication outfit for me. It was far from what I would have chosen myself, but I really didn't have a choice but to let him wear it. We all survived and I guess he is just as dedicated as the others. One of those situations where people are more important than things.
No news?

Anonymous said...

I can sympathize with your dilema of somebody being sweet, but not really what you had in mind at all esp. for a big deal like a dedication. I think you are lucky that Derek will let your boys wear gowns at all. Jonathan wants nothing of it.
I feel bad that no one has given you any other options besides wearing it, so here are some ideas:
1. You could feed Reagan(my nephew's name also btw) like crazy & he would grow out of the gown & not be able to wear it=)
2. Could let a sibling play with Welsh's grape juice too close to the christening gown.
3. Could arrange to have the dedication at some far away place & they would never know what he wore.
4. What I would do is just let him wear it & only put far away pictures of him in his scrapbook, so the eyelet thing wouldn't haunt him forever.
5. He is adorable & I don't think too many people will notice the eylet anyways.
Good luck, It's kind of sickingly funny to see someone else in a situation that I feel like I get into alot living in a very "crafty" community.
Good luck=)

Tara said...


You are the BEST! That post was hilarious!! Thank you for at least making me feel like I actually have a choice, for one brief second. I had already thought about how to "pose" the shots for future scrapbooking!!

And, believe me, we were blown away when we called Jon to tell him of our Reagan's birth, and he said they had already named their unborn son Reagan, too! We had no idea! I think Derek and Jon thought it was cool that after so many years and miles apart they had something that huge in common. And not only that, their Reagan was born on our Lauren's b'day! I can't wait to see him in person; the pics of him are gorgeous.
Anyway, thanks again for the post. Made my day! :)

Kayla: still no news. :( And you are a brat for the palm tree comment. I suppose next you'll tell me you're headed to H.S. Deli for my favorite sub?!?

~Heather~ said...

Tara, Hey! Wow! What a dilema! I was reading your post and my Kimberly looked over my shoulder, so I showed her a picture of the outfit and told her the story and ended with, "And this outfit is supposed to be for a baby boy!" And she looked at me and said, "IT IS?!" ;) Like Kimberly N. said, there are a lot of old timey neat pictures of baby boys dressed like that. We have a nice pic of my Grandpa in a gown, for he wore gowns like that until he was school age! I know as a pastor's wife, that I've been in several of those STICKY situtations. (Putting up with crazy comments, or gifts that weren't my taste, etc.) I've had a lady from my church ask me in FRONT OF A GROUP OF LADIES "Don't you think it's time that you dust your China Cabinet?" Or the other classic one, when a lady from my church brought me a new pair of slip-on shoes and said, "I told my husband, that I needed to get Heather a new pair of shoes...for I HATE those ones she wears!" (The problem is that she had a DIFFERENT STYLE than I did, and neither Phillip nor I liked the shoes she bought me. =) Kelly said, they mean well, and it is a beautiful (I MEAN "HANDSOME") gown! I'll pray that God gives you wisdom and helps you through this! I know He will! You are a good sport!

The new Creation musuem by Ken Hamm was even mentioned on YAHOO Internet home page, and that's how we knew it was ready and opening. It looks neat!

Have a wonderful day, and still praying for you physically.
Love, Heather =)

Kelly S said...


I did not mean to make you sound insensitive at all!!! I know you better than that! It's funny because first I wrote a comment sort of like Emily's and was totally sympathizing with you. I grew up in a pastor's home and have been exposed to TOO MANY situations like that and I have become very hardened to letting myself get in bondage to people and letting people obligate me. My David is very sensitive to other people and I tend to not be. I have learned so much from him in that area and am really trying to work on it. I thought my comment sounded too much like me! and started thinking of how my David would react and so I changed my whole comment!:) But I do totally sympathize!

Kim M. said...


I'm finally taking a few minutes to leave comments after all this time. Wow, what a busy 2 weeks I have had! I am so sorry you have had such a hard time physically!
I can relate to the gown thing to a degree. My husband's grandmother bought all of the grandchildren's dedication outfits. She bought Justin, my oldest, a really adorable boyish outfit, but I really didn't like the hat that went with it. It looked like a girly bonnet to me. So we had him dedicated with just the outfit. Of course she asked us why he didn't wear the hat. Thankfully he was born with lots of thick, dark hair so we said "we wanted everyone to see his hair". And she seemed okay with it. I have had other experiences where I refused to do things and I am sorry to this day because people get their feelings hurt.Especially if they go out of their way. May it be a lesson to us for the future that we don't obligate others (especially our daughter in laws!). If it were me now, I'd probably just let the baby wear it since the lady spent so much time making it. Like Kelly said, she was probably trying to show how much she cares for your family by taking the time to make it. Emily's post was really funny! That would be quite tempting!!!!

kayla said...

I'm not headed for HS Deli, I'm headed for TooJays for some Black&White Cookies. Just joking. I would love nothing more than to have you go with me. Harold doesn't really like to go there since he got sick that time after ordering raw fish.

Tara said...

OHhhhhhhh, Kayla:
You are a mean lady. The thought of TooJay's......
Especially since the news did come. It's a 'no'. I'll talk to ya later.

Juwah said...

OK is it me or is Kayla being a real brat? First the "come over and play balderdash with George" comments then the "palm tree" thing,and now TooJays? She's gone too far. Let me guess, she can't read this comments cause she's at the beach?

I've heard of Unschooling, but forcing your innocent children to go to an Ale-8 factory, and call it a field trip is a bit much. You can get help with that addiction Tara. Just call 1-800-hateale

The gown. I like Kimberly's theroy. Perhaps Reagan will be a real world changer and it will be all because of the Eyelet. Another suggestion to add to Emily's, feed him a lot on Dedication day then toss him in the air and see what comes up. Have another outfit handy in case you need it. Seriously, it is a beautiful gown, she does amazing work.

My hubby is like yours. Our boys were dedicated in a little white short outfit. (it was very nice and dressy, but a gown it was not.) I've tried to get Matt to wear pink forever. Yesterday at the store I picked up a pink shirt and held it up to Siah and he said, "If I wore that I'd look like a girl!" It's hopeless!!

Juwah said...

Hey where did the wheelchair guy go?

Tara said...


How low can you go?? I'll have you know that Ale8 factory trip was VERY educational, and a joy for the WHOLE family. Unschooling, my foot. :) Perhaps you and Kayla are BOTH my bratty friends today!

And HALLELUJAH I discovered how to remover 'handicrapper'!!!!! I was so excited. Comment to your hearts content!

Tara said...

Oops; remove the "R"!

hee hee hee

~Heather~ said...

Oh Happylujah...You mean we don't have to type in "viwanfwefjnf" 49 times now to be able to post our comment! NOW THAT'S EXCITING! I'm glad you decided to REMOVE the "R"!

You are hilarious!
Heather =)

Viola said...

I'm kind of new to your blog, but here's my take on the dress. I think Eyelet is VERY masculine. In fact, if you'll do a Google search on Eyelet Lace you will find it was originally created to use as a durable material for the Civil War soldiers. The Rebels dyed theirs Grey and the Yanks dyed theirs Blue. So I think you will find if you simply dye the little dress blue or grey (depending on the area of the country you live in) it will be quite durable and masculine.

Your left index finger must "accidentally" move up the keyboard a lot, mine was tempted to do that too, until I took THE MOST AMAZING HERBS ON EARTH!

So glad you and the fam enjoyed the tour of the ALE-666 factory. That was always a tradition our family did the day after Easter. I can still see my Granddad with the Easter Monster Suit on drinking an ALE 666 (that was our family's name for ALE 8)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Kayla is being a bit bratty. However, I plan to see palm trees myself in a couple of weeks, Lord willing. And TooJay's does sound good. I'm thinking the Chicken A La TooJay's. Why don't we all go? Then we can have a rousing game of Balderdash punctuated by Uncle George's cheating and add some of Ruthie's fruit slush for desert. Then, if there's still more time, we can gather around the piano and sing. You know, get different groups together and make Brent play. Want to?

Juwah said...

I'm checking on flights. I REALLY miss the getting around the piano and singing part most. Does your mom still have the bird?

Tara said...

Somewhere along the line this went from fun jabbing to just plain making me feel sad. Nothing I'd like better than just to say, 'what the hey' I'm gettin' on a plane and know that ya'll are doing the same. (WISTFUL SIGH). Just sounds marvelous.

Tara said...

Viola: Sounds like maybe you were "unschooled". Very bizarre thoughts on civil war guys and eyelet. And you're really inciting some wrath on the whole Ale8 thing. Perhaps your family had a certain 666 drink in their rituals, but leave my Ale8 out of it! I've been known to bite a friends' head off for suspecting she drank one of my Ale8's. It's no laughing matter around here. If you talk to Juwa, just ask her.

Back to the Reunion around the piano thing: dont' you think it's high time we did another edition of Gaither spoof video? Who has that video anyway?!

Anonymous said...

THe bird is dead...or something.

And I think my family at least has a copy of the "Gaither" movie. I think we also have one with Derek and his Gomer Pyle impression -- from the famous show "Gomer Pyle and Kayla". Also from that Halloween party where we kept having people "walk in" on things. Like someone taking the place of a Vision group member. I think the pumpkin actually got involved in all of that -- maybe Jose hanging out with a pumpkin instead of a girl? It's been a while. I'll have to check when I go home.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Tara, didn't mean to make you sad. Sorry! I just started remembering -- and maybe getting a bit sentimental myself. It kind of leaked out and got all over everything.

kayla said...

So sorry if I caused undue suffering. I can't help it if I'm the only one who has returned to
"the homeland". If we were all from your state we would be offended at you. You have no idea the tears Harold shed over your visit to the Ale8 Factory. He thought that the comment was directed at him just to make him feel inadequate as an Ale8 drinker.

Tara said...

AW! I never meant to make Heeeeruld feel inadequate in any way! I will be SURE to post pics of the Ale8 factory just for him to see. Maybe that will soothe his pain.

And, MAN, I had TOTALLY forgotten about the "Gomer Pyle and Kayla" show. That show was the BEST! We really need to get together sometime just to watch all those old movies of our crazy antics. I also remember that Halloween one. VERY FUNNY!
Good times, my friends, good times. Wouldn't trade them for anything.

Juwah said...

I have all those videos, I think we were playing with my "new" large video camera and made a lot of weird videos. Strangly enough, I think it's the crazy memories like that, that keeps us all so connected. We've all headed in different directions in life, but we all still LOVE the Gomer Pyle and Kayla Show. Not to mention, Sonja Goodman and Jani Easter.

Ps. I have photos of Jose and Sonja under mistletoe in our 3 girl/one bedroom apartment. (Sonja, is looking very frightened!)

pss. I wonder if Barry was in on any of those videos, I kinda think Barry and Bill G./the Martin's Boy are the same person, don't you all?

Kelly S said...

I came too late for all this. You'll have to clue me in. I would love to see the videos.

The only memories I have of "singing around the piano" is me hideously playing the piano for the famous trio (Juwah, Tara & Jani) for the nursing home services. Also, I remember Julia and Jani inviting me to their "practices" with Brent. Sis. Vernon was always a beautiful and gracious hostess. It was always such a treat to get out of the dorm.

Who was B. Gaither? I'm sticking with my gun that Barry is either Brent V. or Harold. He said he knows me and remembers my cockroach incidents, so...that narrows our quest a little.

Tara said...

My goodness; I had always prided myself on my good memory. Especially when it came to all this sappy stuff, but ya'll remember things that I had completely forgotten. We WERE a famous trio at the nursing home, weren't we?! That's too funny. Kelly, wasn't it also you who play for Tara' 'y Hoolia against that Yellow Flower Tree backdrop in the dorm after we returned from Hondury? I think that pic is actually in the yearbook. I have it somewhere, too. Us standing there with a little mandolin or something. Brain is fuzzy on the details.

Marty said...

I think this is the best blog yet!!! I have laughed soo very hard...I've been away for a few days and miss all the good stuff!

I would love to watch all those videos...I remember Brent being a couch potato???? Stuck on soaps??? Ring a bell!!!

Wish I could have went with you to the Ale8 factory!! I'll join you anytime!

Sorry I missed out giving my opion of the gown....we'll leave it at that!