Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Week in Pictures

The story of my life this week can best be told in pictures. Busy week of school-work with the children. It was a good one, though. Lauren has been learning about early Rome, and had done a study on Augustus Cesear. It was exciting to her this week, to learn that Jesus was born during this Emperor's reign. Part of her assigned history reading was the story of Jesus' birth from the Bible! She thought that was so cool and it just brought the History to life for her so much more. She is also learning the first steps of composition writing, what it means to proofread, etc. In Math, the focus is on adding and subtracting multiple numbers along with listing their related fact families. She has fun with that. It was a good week of the three R's for her!

Cameron has also been busy working on finishing up Kindergarten. The primary focus there is, of course, READING! But we're also working on writing. This seems to be harder with boys than with girls, in my experience. But we're getting there! He is also learning all about the 13 Colonies, and Early American History. This is proving to be a fun study for the whole family, as we are planning a family vacation to D.C. in a few weeks. I feel they will be better prepared to appreciate the things we see and experience after having learned about it beforehand.

We also worked very hard in our yard landscaping this weekend. (Derek hates it when I say "we" since he really did the bulk of the hard work!) But I did help and so did the kids! At this point, I only have 'before' pics, because we're gonna have to finish up in the morning. Saturday just went by way too fast, as we had my Dad's birthday dinner to attend that evening.

But these are a few pics of the work in progress. I will need to post some 'after' shots when it looks better!

We did enjoy a nice evening out
celebrating my dad's birthday.
Went to one of the best steak-houses around,
and had fun hanging out with the fam.


A picture of the bust of the GENIUS who created Ale8, Mr. Wainscott. View reverently, please.

So there you have it. My last seven days in a snapshot view. Not too terribly exciting, I know. But it was time for a new blog and this is what I have to offer!
Hope you all have a fantabulous week!



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the update. Since I'm not with you guys on a regular basis, it helps me feel much more connected. (I know, people say that a lot on blogs, but IT'S TRUE.) Actually, I was thinking of how cool it is that you get to brush up on your educational skills (like history) by teaching your children. Sometimes I think I've forgotten much more than I learned to begin with simply because of lack of use. Just think how smart you are becoming by having to repeat things over and over!

Can't wait to see you!

Kimberly said...

Are there words on this blog..or is it just my old computer?..just confused..enjoyed the pics. at any rate..and what I assume is the Ale8 founder or something..great!
(jealous of you and sonja:)

Tara said...

That is so weird. I take it by Sonja's response that she read the words. But if you stop and think about it, 'me' without words???? Doesn't make good sense!
Hope your computer kicks in soon.
And why don't you just come on over Saturday and hang out with us? Wouldn't that be fun?!

Sonja: I DO love remembering things and brushing up on stuff as I teach the kids. Especially History. It is fun to hear their excitment over little things that they learn. And we are so psyched to have you guys coming! We just emailed Brent with hotel info, etc. Maybe I'll send you an email, too, and spare everyone else the details on here!

Kelly S said...

Somebody stop her!!! Tara, this is going too far! Just kidding. (sort of).

I'm not jealous of your Ale8 trip but I am jealous of your landscaping. I need to attend to my yard but I have no time! Looks very nice. You all did such a good job, you might as well come on over and do mine now:)

jenny said...

I don't see words either...but your kiddos sure are cute! Beautiful family.

kayla said...

The tears are flowing freely down my cheeks. The picture of Mr. Wainscott along with the beautiful music is making me quite emotional.
Harold hasn't seen the pictures yet,but when I told him about them it brought a huge smile to his face. He had to go to a PTF meeting last night. You would be interested to know that the new pricipal is Dr. McElwain.

Tara said...

Kayla, you're right: that is interesting! I wish him and the school all the best. At this point, I just think it was wise to choose someone with intimate knowledge of the school to run things. I hope it is a successful year. And, yes, the music is a bit much! I've been toying around with trying to get some good music on there, and that was as far as I got last night before giving up. I'm not terribly savvy with that kind of stuff. Glad I could bring a smile to Heeeruld though!

Toots said...

It's nice to know the events of your week; seeing another home educators accomplishments and vision is always encouraging.
Your kiddos surely seem like sweethearts!

Marty said...

LOVE THE ALE8 wish I could have been there to "down" a cold one with you!

I'll be driving past your way in a couple weeks...I'll yell loud...don't know how much time we will have....let you know later!

Kimberly said...

I found words by clicking on "show original post" but this is aggravating...and it just happened on Sarah's blog too..:( Feel better that it wasn't just my computer, but prabably shouldn't since Jen's is sadly comparable to mine:( Oh well..i guess this too shall pass!

Juwah said...

I saw words and pictures. By the way, I loved the pictures. What a fun way to feel like I was there. Didn't really want to be at the ALE 8 Addiction Headquarters, but loved being with your fam. :)

kayla said...

Thanks for making the music go away. I can check your blog now while Harold is sleeping without being gunted at.

kayla said...

Sorry, I'm really not trying to leave fifty comments, but I had to say that I dearly love the new picture. Absolutely gorgeous!

Making Memories 1999 said...

Thanks for sharing your week with us, even though I'm viewing it late!! So many blogs to visit, so little time . . . :-)