Monday, September 17, 2007

A PLETHORA of Pictures~~

Okay, I finally gave up on trying to enlarge the pics I had previously posted! What a pain! So, for your viewing pleasure, here are a few extras that I made extra big....just for know who you are :)

(Given the way my brother Jonathan feels about this lovely girl, Monee', we're guessing we may gain a new sister at some point! Thus, the pic.

I return to blogosphere after an exhausting, draining, but ultimately lovely weekend. No matter the stress up to the point, weddings always manage to come off with relatively minor incident! It was wonderful to see my sister have the wedding of her dreams, and also to visit with some friends/family that I hadn't seen in a long time. The flower girl for my own wedding was my cousin's daughter. I hadn't seen her since then, which was 11 years already!
WARNING: there will be a long succession of pics in this post. It's very difficult to narrow it down. I will try! And I will also throw in some details, since....well.....OBVIOUSLY..since we're GIRLS! And GIRLS love details!

So, let's begin with some commentary on the day. It really was a beautiful day, and a beautiful ceremony. Keri was in great spirits and thoroughly enjoyed her wedding to the max. The prelude music began at 6:00 p.m. She had some serious and some fun music thrown in. The final prelude song prior to the ceremony was Lauren, Cameron, and Sophie singing "Goin' To The Chapel"; I really wish I had video of that so I could upload it for you. I'm biased, but it really was DARLING! The color theme revolved around fall, since Keri chose a fall wedding for that purpose! The dresses were dark espresso, and the flowers were beautiful orange gerber daisies, terra cotta roses, and yellow alstromeria. The contrast was stunning, as you will see in the pics. Keri surprised her groom, Scott, by singing "Born to Love You" for him. It was a complete surprise. Keri usually shuns public singing, but she wanted to do this for him, and she worked VERY HARD on the song. She knocked it out of the park, and DID AWESOME. My dad sang to Keri after walking her down the aisle. A song called "My Little Girl". I was on the platform, doing my best not to cry. FAT CHANCE. I wept that ugly kind of cry, and was mad at myself! But it was impossible not to, I guess. She had a friend who had been there when she met Scott for the first time, share some thoughts and reflections on how they got together. And, in the interest of full disclosure, one of my favorite parts of the ceremony had to be the giving/receiving of rings. It truly is a sacredly symbolic expression of marriage and marital commitment. Very touching.

The Lord helped our little trio (Derek, Lauren, and I) to sing our song. I was so proud of my girl! Sophie came down the aisle, dropping her little basket of rosebuds like a pro. However, after plopping down on a front step for a seat, she apparently noticed that there were plenty of buds left. So she proceeded to unceremoniously dump the whole bunch out right there...and play in them pretty much the rest of the time!!! I was a little mortified! But I don't think she was the most heinous child I've ever seen in a wedding. (Indeed, I was probably just being repaid for the things I've said about a couple of youngsters in my own wedding! NOT KRISTEN, Rachel!!)
Our Aunt Elesha (the same one who did mine) did Keri's wedding cake, and it was magnificent. The food was an italian pasta buffet, with ICE COLD ALE8 bottles on tap, and chocolate covered strawberries on each table. It was all delicious. The couple left amid a flurry of sparklers, and sitting on the back of a friend's convertible.

Despite the humorous comments we've exchanged over Derek and Brent's less than stellar reception performance at Kayla's wedding, I have to tell you in all honesty, he was AMAZING on Saturday. He did such an incredible job. In fact, Keri's photograher (who is one of the best around) stopped my mom and asked who in the world the incredible "wedding singer" was! He wanted permission to give Derek's name/# when brides ask him for referrals! And I might as well throw this in, since I'm bragging shamelessly about my man....we've been together for a LONG time, all things considered. He doesn't surprise me too often. He's not really big into planning surprises. So I was supremely floored when he saved the last song of the night as a dedication to me! He wrote it for me, and he told Scott, the groom, that his wish for him would be that 11 years down the road, he would feel the same way about Keri that he feels for me! Ya'll.....I CRIED my eyes out! It was the sweetest thing. My heart still melts at the thought of it.

But enough yakking....ON TO THE PICTURES.....! Enjoy!

And for my favorite pic of the night..............


Kimberly said...

Hey...the 1st coment:)
Looks and sounds beautiful..good for Kari!! Cool color choice...Loved the flowers on the girls' heads..go Derek for being so sweet to you...having Ale8 was too cute!

Ring symbolism = a very good thing.
Love to All the pretty wedding people!:)

kayla said...

Beautiful wedding! I only wish the pictures were bigger so I could see them better. Love the colors.
Thanks for making me paranoid. Since my boys are in a wedding in a couple of weeks, you have given me one more worry.

Liz said...

Awesome colors, dresses, beautiful kids!

LaDonna said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! I've done photos for quite a few weddings in the past few years and I have to agree with you that my favorite part is the ring ceremony!! It's so intimate and personal, wish we (CHM) didn't shun it! Everyone looked beautiful, and the colors were marvelous...would've never thought to put those together.

Anonymous said...

hi tara i just stopped in and wanted to say you have an awsome family. I would love to hear more from you
sharon howell

Jenn said...
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Jenn said...

yay...we all look so beautiful - especially Keri! :-) i have to admit, that probably the most favorite part of my wedding was the ring ceremony (in keeping with the running conversation) & am so glad that we decided to do it -- though it was a topic that was discussed in detail! the wedding was great & i'm so glad that i got to be there! :-)
i am eventually going to get some pictures posted, but haven't been able to download them yet as our computer is on the fritz. it was so great to see you & visit a little bit. talk to you later! (& tell Lauren i said hello!)

Jody J said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love the colors and the platform was gorgeous! Would love to hear Derek's song to you. How sweet!

jenny said...

Kerri's dress is exquisite, your family looks gorgeous, and I love, love, love the flowers and color scheme! Thanks so much for sharing...and major hubby points given to Derek, deservedly so.

jenny said...

It struck me last night laying in bed...oh my word! Tara and Derek did all that with a baby!!! How in the world did you do that? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Tara, Loved the pics! Do you have them on photobucket or something? They are small and I really must be able to see more detail!! : )

Kim M. said...

What a beautiful wedding! I just LOVE fall weddings!. Like you said, those colors are stunning! Thanks for sharing the pictures and I apologize I haven't commented in so long. I am trying to slow down a little!

Marty said...

I so wish I could have been there!!! I also wish you could email me pics that I could see at a closer view!!HINT! She looks beautiful!! I need some help with the little sister wedding thing...Christa's is next year in August!!!

Tara said...

Okay, everyone!! Your objections are duly noted! I will try later this afternoon to see if I can enlarge them. I really dont' know why they're like that: I posted them the way I always do.
Thanks for all your kind comments. I'll see what I can do!

Kimberly said...

The funny things is the little ones WILL NOT enlarge when clicked on, but the big ones easily do!! Who can understand this blogging thing...evidently not us, we were not overly blessed w/technical skills in this bunch...but my are we fussy!! Loved seeing the new, BIGGER ones...hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tara! Loved seeing the picture of your family! Say hello to your mom and dad for me.

Making Memories 1999 said...

What beautiful, beautiful pictures!! And I enjoyed reading what you wrote about the wedding! Especially the surprise that your man gave you!! (I had tears in my eyes!!) What a sweet day you all must have had!!

Juwah said...


I so enjoyed this post. It's almost like I got to come to the wedding. How beautiful. My only concern is seeing your precious little ones with those Ale 8 bottles. I guess the addiction just passed right on down. :) I don't blame you a bit for bragging on your man. My man too has written me a song or two, however, I'm not sure they are ready for publication. :)

kayla said...

Thanks for the enlargments.
My how your little brother has grown. Quite good looking and what a beauty at his side.
Everything was gorgeous!

Tara said...

I'm glad that you all enjoyed the pics. Thanks for sharing in the "luv" vicariously. On to a few specific responses:
Kayla: your boys will do fine...or they will just be the subject of much wedding-story-material for generations to come. No worries! No pressure!
Marty: big sis of the bride is a big deal. I'm sorry that ya'll aren't closer. Still can't believe little Christa is getting married. I'm praying for her Marine, by the way. I know that has to be hard.
Jenny: how did we do it?? You know, the way all parents of multiple young'uns do it. "You do what you have to do". I've really accepted that philosophy as the years and the children kept coming! :)
Rachel: my parents send a "hello" right back at ya! And Keri got her gift: perfect color, too! Thanks for caring.
JodyJ: our hubbies met up this a.m. at GBS. I think they're hatching a get-together plan!
JennW: it was good to see you too, it's been a long time!
LaDonna: don't tell anybody, but I think we're flat nuts for the "shunning". :)
And Juwa: believe it or not, while I fully intend on producing future addicts, that night was the first night I let each of my kids have their very own green bottle. They totally deserved it!