Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lists, Locks, and Learning

I'm making a list of promises to myself. They're just little things, really. But I'm sorta like Kimber in the whole list-making thing. I'm not a disciplined person by nature. In fact, that's putting it mildly. It's probably the biggest weakness I have. When you're a homeschooling mother of four, you better full-well get your act together and learn to be disciplined and organized! So I'm list-making. I promise to have clean undies in the drawers, so nobody has to go digging through the dryer for them...I promise to have the dining room table cleaned up every night, and ready for breakfast and school the next day...I promise to speak words of encouragement to my husband and my children EVERY day...and the list goes on and on. I feel like probably the last woman on the face of the earth to have to make such a list. It comes naturally to do these things...doesn't it?

Once again, life is all about striking those proper balances. As I mentioned before, we've been feeling plain "yucky" around here. Can't seem to shake the thing. So today was one of those 'laying around' kinda days. But all is not lost on days like this. My Sophie is my busy, busy bee. Goes a million miles a minute. Changes clothes a half dozen (or more) times a day. Makes up all kinds of imaginative tales. Cooks up all kinds of imaginary meals. Doesn't slow down for much at all. But TODAY, she snuggled up with me on the couch. Just huggin', talkin', gigglin', and lovin' on each other. And then I brushed her hair, attempting her first- ever french braid...which didn't last long. Unlike her big sister, Sophie's strawberry blonde 'locks' are fine and wispy. Hasn't grown nearly as long as Lauren's had by age 4. But Sophie was so proud of it, even if it did fall out in no time! SO, I enjoyed that down-time with my girl. Nothin' big, and it's not like I'm not with her 24 hours of every day...but it was just nice~!

I feel so enriched, and inspired by the things that many of you share on your blogs from time to time. It's hard to imagine that even this time a year ago, the word "blog" wasn't even in my vocabulary! And I think I mean that quite literally! But even as I entered into this world with a little fear and trembling, it didn't take long to realize that there was going to be benefits to reap from this kind of connection. I have learned things from others, received important reminders about priorities, and enjoyed the recommendations from people I respect! It's all good....and I thank you for the things that you share.
Well, the lull of the cool-mist humidifier is beckoning me...I really should invest in one of those 'white-noise' machines. I've come to love having that kind of sound filling the silence of the night. Anybody have one of those or know anything about it?

(Some weeks ago, we took the children to sing for the patients on the TCU"transitional care unit" Ward of the local hospital. They drew pictures, passed out treats, and visited with these dear people, a couple of whom were 100 years old! It was a good servanthood experience for the children...and for their parents. )


Kimberly said...

Loved the pic....and your thoughts as always! You are being a blessing in your world! It is funny to think how this crazy "high-tech stuff" we'd never heard of has become a source of support/connection/accountability and even "truth" for us! It is what you make it, and we are lucky to have such friends who make it so good!

(I don't know about any machines, but I love havin my fan noise...totally addicted to it!:)

Anita D said...

Always enjoy reading your blog, Tara.
I just love this way of keeping in contact with everyone and learning from everyone's experiences.

My husband dislikes it very much but puts up with my fan every night. I've had one running every night since my homely abode in the Francis French Hall. I can't sleep without it.

jenny said...

I love the picture of your kids in the, what an opportunity. That is very inspiring to me...just like your blog says, it is amazing the ideas, encouragement and admonition I pick up from reading my friends blogs. Your is such a treat, so keep a writin'!

And, I'm so with you on the list kids are constantly searching for underwear and jammies!

Liz said...

You are not alone in the list making of the things that you think should come natural. I have to remind myself to do the simple things too. I echo your comments on enjoying the blogs and getting so much from them. I enjoy hearing other's perspectives on certain issues as well as getting advice and so on. The picture from the TCU is priceless. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Jody J said...

I am so with you on the discipline thing. I've really been struggling with that lately, but I've taken the first step and acknowledged that I am an undisciplined person. Now, to make the necessary changes . . .
Love the pic. I'm sure you totally brightened the day for those people. That is so sweet.

emily said...

We sleep with a box fan & a celing fan in our room...well Jonathan does & I huddle under my wonderful down comforter & try to stay warm, but do love the noise.
My sister has used those noise makers/white noise machines for her kids' nap time & they are great & make a whole variety of sounds. I love them. I think they sell them at Target. Good luck

Queen Essie said...

Tara -
Speaking of laundry, I promised to have clean socks for the boys tomorrow, per Derek's request. Better finish this comment quick before I forget again! Thanks for the reminder! ha

I am one of the world's worst on being disciplined & can so relate to that. I am a list maker too, which is a source for laughs around here, especially when I make a list of things I absolutely HAVE to remember & then can't remember where the list is!

I also agree that sharing similiar battles of life, stages of motherhood and walks with God is so comforting and refreshing. It is a joy to reconnect with people and even more to have a way to get some extra "chat" time with adults - something that mothers tend to lack the time for.

Loved your post - thanks for sharing! Take care, Essie

Sonja said...

Must get one of those hats. :) Precious pic.

I also feel very enriched from this blogging community an am blessed to be a part.

kayla said...

Everybody has clean socks for tomorrow, now for the dining room table. Never mind I'll do that in the morning.
I love this blog thing too. After vowing I would never have one I have become quite addicted. Not really that bad, but I love keeping in touch with everyone between phone calls that keep becoming further apart as the years go by.
That picture made me miss my nursing home days. Working there I mean. I may have to steal your idea and take the boys to The Manors.

Making Memories 1999 said...

Thanks so much for a wonderful post, and I, too, am glad to be a part of this blogging "circle of friends"!! What a precious way for your children to reach out to others!! Especially to those who so often are forgotten!! Hope you all are feeling better!!

Toots said...

Dittos, Tara! I enjoyed the post, appreciate so much the encouragement, fellowship, and motivation I get from you blogging ladies, and I too am naturally lazy and undisciplined, who isn't? : ) I have to kick myself from time to time to get moving and tackle the things I tend to put off. Nothing has helped me more than seeing habits develop in my girls, which upon reflection, I see have come from my example! I do not want them to look back someday and say, "You know, I got this bad habit from my mom." I pray for God's help every day to see what I need to see so that won't happen!
Hope your little brood is all better now!

Juwah said...

Hello my name is Julia and I am undisciplined. I've struggled with discipline for most of my life and now that I'm an adult I have to be disciplined about what things I need to discipline. However, it is so good to know I'm not alone on this "getting it together journey". I think everyone is selectively undisciplined. If we could only get together. I'm great about dishes, so I could do everyone's dishes. Laura could do our laundry (she's one of those "fold it as it comes out of the dryer types") Tara, I know you're great at cooking good meals, perhaps you could whip up some health and nutrition for the rest of our families. ahhh, wouldn't it be nice. But I guess, we'll all have to buck up and grow and learn right along with our little ones. Well, I promised myself this "school room" would be clean before I went to bed last night.....gotta go.

Marty said...

Great blog Tara, I am the opposite and so NEED to be more like you. I am the one that there is ALWAYS clean undies and jammies, but don't relish playing Backyard Baseball on the computer with my boys! I so need to change my priorities! I love to do laundry and clean bathrooms, but do dishes only 1 or 2 times a day! Hate kitchen cleaning...but love to cook! I have a problem! Well, feeling like I've been to therapy! Thanks Tara!