Monday, November 12, 2007

To Honor and Protect....

No grand thoughts or lofty words to share this morning....just wanted to make sure that I stop and acknowledge what today is: Veteran's Day here is the U.S.A.

It is right and fitting that one day should be set aside each year for the sole and express purpose of specifically honoring those who have served in the military in the service of our Nation. A day when all feelings and opinions on war...even the current one in which we're engaged....should be set aside, and honor given where honor is due.

It takes a special brand, a brave soul, and determined mind to be willing serve in this way. My hat is always off to our Veteran's. They deserve nothing less than our recognition, our appreciation, and our heart-felt gratitude.

My Papaw is my favorite Veteran, having served in Korea in the USMC. He left behind a leg in that conflict, but somehow brought home his dignity, his courage, and his incredible ability to still attack life with full vigor and determination. He is a prince among men. Last year he was recognized in our town as the local Hometown Hero. It was such a joy to see him receive this recognition.

I must also give a shout out to other members of my family: My cousin Josh, USMC Veteran, having done two tours in Iraq. My cousin John, currently serving his third tour in Iraq, US Army. My cousin Jeremy still in Army bootcamp in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.


Papaw at the Quantico Marine Corps Museum; with a picture of the battle in which he fought.
This pic has been shared before, but hey! It is certainly fitting!
Our kids after singing at the annual Marine Corps League Family Picnic.

My Cousin Josh with Cameron at the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico.
My Cousin John, who is currently in Iraq, and in our prayers.


kayla said...

Your Papaw has to be one of my favorite heroes also. He is definitely one of the cutest. I also feel very old seeing Josh. What a handsome and brave young man. They have all my respect and admiration. Thanks for a great post.

Charity said...

Ditto- freedom is definitely not free!

jenny said...

Good reminder, Tara!

kayla said...

Love the new picture.

CrazieChrisa said...

LOVED the blog! I didn't know you had so many family members in the USMC..okay well Two...but ya know what I mean:-D LOl!!!! This is alil late...but I just saw the blog..sooo Happy V Day:-D ANd thanks for support our troops!!!! When does Josh get back from Iraq??

~Marty's Lil sis, Christa