Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Quitting This Band!

My kids are hilarious. I wish I would do a better job of stopping what I'm doing when I hear hysterical utterances from their little mouths and go write those things down. And, admittedly, there is a "guess you had to be there" factor.

Lately they've taken to forming their own band, the three of them. They use all kinds of interesting items for instruments, and they write their own songs. Perhaps some of you will remember a VERY TALENTED song-writing duo from the early nineties who penned such household favorites as "God Made the Grass" and "God Gave Them Over (to a Reprobate Mind)". (It suddenly strikes me, Julia, we should have copyrighted that material!) Well, those two have nothing over on my kids. Lauren wrote a very lengthy sonnet on how God made all the seasons, and painstakingly described each seasons' characteristics, while her Daddy and I hid our faces behind pillows. Guess you had to be there.

Well, the kiddos named their band "The Worship Leaders." Complete with a theme song entitled "We are the Worship Leaders." Derek and I suggested perhaps a more God-focused title would be appropriate.....but what do we know?

So we're riding along in the van (seems like a lot of our funniest stuff happens there, for some reason.). Derek gets out to run an errand. I'm half-listening to the activity from the backseats. Then I hear an angry, "I'M QUITTING THIS BAND!!!!" Sophie and Cameron were unimpressed with some lyrics referring to something like "you're MY God" as though it were exclusionary towards them. Sophie said, "Sissy, I don't want God to think that I'm not in it too. I don't want God to think that He's not my God. We should say "our" God so He'll know!"
Lauren says, "Oh, God would never think that, Sophie." ( By this time, I'm rolling in the front seat).

Sophie very emphatically replies, " do you know?? You don't know what God thinks. Now that does it....I'm QUITTING THIS BAND!"

As an update: I think the Worship Leaders have made a few attempts at reconciliation, but the future of the band is still uncertain.


Toots said...

Thanks for sharing that, Tara! I got a great laugh out of cute. Kids are such an awesome blessing!

Kimberly said...

Love it!
And you'd be surprised how often one can fit into regular life the singing of that old standard "Reprobate Mind"!!

Anonymous said...

If they make an album, put me on the list! Thanks for a good laugh. And I do remember with fond memories your songwriting abilities.

Had to do quite a bit of reading. I'm attempting to catch up after a rather lengthy hiatus. (Don't you love that word?) Bravo to you for stirring up such a great brouhaha. It was definitely entertaining. Love ya!

Kim M. said...

How cute! I love your kid stories!

Jody J said...

This is way too funny! It's amazing the crazy things kids come up with.

kayla said...

First off, will you please write out the words to "Reprobate Mind". I can't tell you how many times I have tried to sing it, but can't remember all the lyrics.
I'm highly amused at your "band", especially the title. Please keep us informed of their status. Collin wrote a song the other day, it goes "The God we worship on the ole bayou". Maybe your band could work up a rousing rendition of it.

Making Memories 1999 said...

Love it!! I truly hope the band will regroup shortly!! Thanks so much for sharing!

And she's the minister's wife? said...
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julie f said...

Great story...and I love the way you told it!
The longer I live, the more I am convinced that God gives us children to teach us things! There is so much to learn if we will have hearts to listen!

I appreciate your mothering style!:)