Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romney...Over and Out

Well, my heart is broken. I don't know as I've ever shed a tear before over anything political, but I can't say that after today. Gov. Romney graciously suspended his campaign for the Presidency an effort to give the Republican party an opportunity to coalesce around the only-choice nominee. This was the honorable action I was hoping that Huckabee would take prior to this time. But somebody had to do it, and Mitt Romney was the one. I like him even more now.

So, the positive spin I take away from all this is that Romney will live again (politically) to fight another day. Of course, this will have to come after four grueling and ghastly years of an Obama presidency. Or Hillary, of course.

As some have put it, the GOP voters waited and waited for some second coming of Ronald Reagan, or the like....and didn't wake up to the danger being done until it was too late.

Update: I decided to come back and add some thoughts here on the comments of Dr. James Dobson. I know he doesn't need the likes of me defending him or explaining away his comments. However, I have observed a rush to judgment against him for his expressed personal views of McCain and the election. I agree wholeheartedly that what he said was a bit over the top, and was arguably irresponsible. But I do think it patently unfair to cast him in with the likes of Coulter, Robertson, or Limbaugh. This man has had a ministry for decades that Christians have been able to hold their heads up high about. I have never been embarrassed by his representation of Christianity or the way he has handled himself when bandied about by the Mainstream Media. So....he slipped up. Got a little carried when giving his personal feelings. Said something he probably didn't really mean, and maybe even regrets saying. I'll be careful not to assume that's true, since I don't know. I'm just saying we should give him a break, and not throw him to the wolves with other consistently irresponsible commentators and pundits. This is a rare thing that Dr. James Dobson makes the news with an objectionable comment. If all my verbal blunders and irresponsible comments were held against me, I wouldn't have a friend in the world. Okay, so that's off my chest now! :)


Kimberly said...

Sending my condolences your way, my dear! I thought of you right off when I heard the announcement. Take heart, Romney will probably run again.

As for Dr. D....he is certainly a dear man...I just wish he would stick w/the family....his area of expertise. And this isn't the 1st time he's been very publicly quoted on this exact type of statement. I still love him anyway. And of course I love you!:)
Happy Bday to the upcoming ones in your fam.!!

Sonja said...

I thought of you when I heard the announcement as well. So sorry for your loss. :( Hope all else is well. Love ya!

And she's the minister's wife? said...

I didn't hear Dr. Dobson but was told about it. I think we have to think about what he is "saying". McCain has been such a fence straddler, and his voting record speaks loudly. He professes to be conservative but the record proves different. Dr. D is saying if you vote for Hillary, at least you KNOW the devil is in the White House and people can pray, pray, pray to move the hand of God on behalf of our nation. If McCain is voted in, people will be complacent thinking that a "good" man is in the White House and neglect to pray as they should. It is quite a shock, and it seems as if Dobson is voting for the enemy. We have to remember, Dr. D is a psychologist, so maybe we need to look at this from that perspective and we will understand where he's coming from better. Just a thought. What I am afraid is that people will give up and think, why vote there's no one good enough to vote for. We can't do that. I guess it boils down to voting for the lesser of two evils. McCain will be a strong commander in chief, a loyalist to our country. What else does he offer? He he even pro-life?

The Canfield Family said...

Tara, my sentiments exactly. We don't have a TV, but I was able to go on the internet and watch all 21 minutes of Romney's speech and felt so bad about him dropping out, though at one time I was a Huckabee supporter.
Romney is so Presidential and seems to have such an exemplorary family.
Glad you see that you have remained politically active since 7th grade!

Travis said...

Tara. I couldn't agree with you more on Romney. I so hoped he'd win the nomination. Its good to know there are still conservatives out there who can be level headed in politics, and not get hung up on the mormon issue.
-Travis Shillington

Marty said...

So sad for you..and the whole nation!

Tara said...

Thanks for your condolences, my friends. :) Though, I would submit that this is not my loss but a loss for us all.

Thanks, Mr. C, for stirring all that up way back there. You see where it's gotten me...? :)

Good to "see" you, Travis. I was so surprised...and very impressed when I checked out your own blog w/it's artistic offerings. Guess we'll have to lick our wounds and wait for Romney's next go-around. I wonder if people were more impressed with Huckabee's "born again-ism" than they were put off by Romney's "mormonism"? Sure wish they would have thought it all through before it came to this.

When did voting become such a game, with strategies to consider and all the plays thought out to the "least of all evils" conclusion? I have been reading all the angst over Dr. D's comments, and the fiery letter Mr. O of Hobe Sound sent off to be passed on. I understand his frustration, but we all have our frustrations in this system. If you cannot vote for someone in good conscience, the system is set up for you to still vote for all your local congressional seats, etc., as well as a write in or third party candidate. And it's certainly fair to make the argument that if you choose that route, you are 'aiding and abetting' the democratic party. But I'm not sure if that should really be the concern. Shouldn't it be, that you went out and VOTED, first of all. And that you were true to your own conscience and standards? I don't know. I don't have answers for this. I just wonder where it all went wrong. And why do we have to feel so pressured to vote for someone we feel so strongly will undermine the Republican party over the longhaul. It has become a game, though. That's for certain. But even I would play almost any trick I know of to keep Obama out of the White House. That man just tears me up. I'm NOT feelin' the love.

Juwah said...

Hola friend. I'm catching up on my blogging. I too was sad about the lack of good choices in the upcoming elections. I'm with ya on Dr. D. too. I have to argue that politics do affect the state of the family. Dr. Dobson has been quite an influence in keeping marriage legally sacred and slowing down the government funding of abortion and the further advancement of legalized killing in our society. I suppose if we only left politics to the politicians we wouldn't be having this conversation. Then again, I think you should considered as a write in candidate. :)

Travis said...

I wrote a little post on my thoughts. check it out. I did agree with what mr. olsen was trying to say. it seems irresponsible for dr. d. [with so great an influence in both the social and political spectrum] to say he would not vote for mccain. just as a vote for huckabee was a vote for mccain, so no vote for mccain in nov. will be a vote for the democrat.
when you look at it that way, then your conscience should [in my opinion] compel you to vote for mccain.