Sunday, March 16, 2008


This is going to be one of those shameless picture blogs. During the Christmas season, and many weeks to follow we were so puny around here that I never got around to posting Christmas pics; and we hit the year running with birthdays in our house and I never posted those either. And I received not so subtle hints during my hiatus to return with pics! So, I'm not gonna go to a lot of trouble with elaborate captions and descriptions: just a montage of pics to enjoy!


Christmas Morning at Home

Sophie Turns Five

....And Reagan turns ONE! (sniffle, sniffle....)

(this scrunched up nose is a very classic Reagan-face)

And I have lots of fun miscellaneous pics and ones from our time with Derek's familia, but I am growing weary of the length of this thing, so stayed tuned for Montage' Part Deux.
Thanks for stopping by! :)


Kim M. said...

Great pictures... thanks for sharing!

jenny said...

Enjoyed them all...your family looks like they all enjoy each other so much...your home is beautiful!!...and I hear your sniffles over Lil' Reagan loud and clear. I must say, though, now that Isaac is incessantly into everything it is making the nostalgia lessen!! (well, a bit if I don't stop to think about it...I guess that's the key...he keeps me so busy and tired I don't have much time for reflecting)

I checked out First Language Lessons from the library this week thanks to you! It looks so great very do-able.

A FastLane said...

Wow! It is so hard for me to believe that my friends have 4 or more children. Guess that is because I haven't started a family of my own. :) Great pics. Your children are adorable.