Sunday, May 11, 2008

Farewell, Dottie....

So stunned and saddened to learn the news of the death of treasured Christian songwriter, Dottie Rambo. Apparently, though I don't know all details, she was traveling en route from IL to TX just as the deadly tornadoes swept through the midwest; her bus was caught in those horrific storms. What a romantic death for a woman so capable of making words come alive.

It always amazes me when I consider folks like Ms. Rambo (and Bill Gaither)....modern legends of Christian music. To look back just in my own life and think of the huge void that would replace the spot their music has filled had they not followed that path and been who they were. Think of all the aisles of campmeetings and churches that would have been "runner-less" had it not been for many of her songs! The CHM has been the blessed recipient of some great music thanks to these and others.

Rest in peace, Dottie Rambo; author of such greats as:

1. I Will Glory in the Cross

2. We Shall Behold Him

3. He Looked Beyond My Fault (and saw my need)

4. Too Much to Gain to Lose

5. If That Isn't Love

6. Thank You for the Valley

7. The Church Triumphant

8. Holy Spirit, Thou Art Welcome in This Place

9. Is that the Lights of Home

10. Sheltered Safe Within The Arms of God

...and so many more.....


Anonymous said...

Heard about this today. Really wild. At first I wasn't sure that it was true. However, I did see an AP release with the story. There was only one Dottie - truly a talented lady. She will indeed be missed!

kerisworld said...

Okay - If that isn't love was the song I was trying to think of!! Obviously my mind chose to recapture that piece of info only to discover you already thought of it!!

keri'sworld said...

Sorry for 2 posts, but failed to say part of my thought... I wanted to say thanks for helping me out tonight! I needed it! I know things were crazy there and it was nice of you to take the time for me! Thanks!

Marty said...

Didn't hear about very sad!!

Kelly S said...

How tragic/sad! I hadn't heard either and I didn't realize she wrote some of those songs.