Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Create A Post"

You know when you sign in to Blogger, there's that option to 'create a post.' Tonight I had a few spare moments-and a computer!- and so I've surfed very quickly through my portion of blog-world. And I feel some sort of pressure on me that I should indeed create a post. The only problem with that is that initial phase of "creating". I just don't have it in me right now! It's one of those nights when I feel like maybe I'll never be able to write again!

It's certainly not because life is dull....heaven knows we are busier than ever. And heaven knows I have plenty knocking around in my brain about the political scene as it now stands! I'm just not sure I have the words to form a post of any interest at this point.

We are full-swing in our new ministry. My heart is already moved beyond description at the enormity of the needs represented. We live in such a needy world, don't we? It doesn't take a growing human being long to learn how to put that smile and brave 'chin-up' facade on with all our other external paraphernalia before we go out to face the masses. But spend just a few minutes really attempting to connect with someone-a teen, a senior citizen, a pastor's wife, you name it-and you will be amazed at the wounds and hurts that lie just below the surface. It can seem overwhelming. These are the moments, however, when you're reminded that God can use your own past hurts and experiences to hopefully minister to the needs of others. These can also be the moments when you look back and realize how amazingly sheltered and safe your life has been, by comparison. If you think of us, particularly Derek, would you just breathe a prayer that God would anoint his influence on these kids and their families?

I have a friend who is a Kindergarten teacher in the local public school system here, and she shared some sad statistics w/me this last week. She teaches in a pretty rural school, here in the "heartland" of America. She has over 30 students (GOD BLESS HER!); 40 PERCENT of those kids are being raised by grandparents; around 30 percent in single parent homes; still others in foster care, and other living situations. ONLY TWO STUDENTS come from a traditional two-parent home. This just blew me away. I thought surely this must be a highly unusual class dynamic she has this year. She shrugged, "no, it's pretty close to the classes I've had in recent years." Doesn't that just break your heart? I found myself in tears as she shared some of these precious little childrens' stories with me. So much pain.

I've also found myself in tears as I watched a little coverage of evacuees fleeing the storms in the Gulf. An elderly gentleman with trembling hands and tears streaming down his face, as he vocalized fears that he wouldn't have a home to return to.

Well, it appears I have "created a post" after all. However, it seems that it is rather a downer, and I didn't intend it to be that at all! Indeed, I am excited to see what God is going to do in us and through us. His power to change lives and to heal hearts is still available to us today, and I mean to plug in to that power!



Kelly S said...

Finally got the kids down for bed and thought I would check Google Reader real quick, and what a nice suprise to see a post from you!

Glad things are going well with your new ministry.

Thanks for sharing your heart tonight!

Toots said...

Nice to hear from you, Tara!

Charity said...

Tara speaks! Prayers going up today for you and Derek in your new ministry. Wish we could hang out... ran across some pictures from our last friend's get-together at the Browns. Kathryn was a baby! We've just got to do something...

Kimberly said...

Keep it coming....missing you!

Kim M. said...

you created a great post... glad you updated!

kayla said...

I'm missing you lots. Please get your computer fixed soon!
I'd love to hear some of your political opinions now.
We're praying for you, that you will be a blessing.
My husband is gone tonight to Turks &Caicos doing hurricane relief. We've recieved pictures from missionaries that we have had to make ourselves look at. Really puts things in perspective.

Juwah said...

Hey Friend;

I too miss blogging. I have a few minutes this afternoon(a practical miracle) and thought I'd check on a few of my friends. It does make me feel better to see that you too are not blogging a bunch. I was so afraid I was missing out.(sounds selfish huh?) Anyway, I've got to call you, since I see you're at a new church and you're traveling too. We have to catch up girl!

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...
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