Thursday, September 30, 2010

Breaking Through

I have never really been a fan of "story" songs, if that makes any sense. I always feel a little bit like an outsider when a song like "Christmas Shoes" comes out and people just go ga-ga over it. My radio dial gets an immediate re-adjustment when it comes on. Not sure why that is exactly. Right off, I can't think of one "story" song that I really like. I tend to prefer songs that use language to create pictures in my mind, that allow me to visualize the concepts on my own, rather than just "putting it all out there". I know that's probably weird, and I've probably not explained myself very well about it, but that is the way it is. (disclaimer for all my readers who enjoy "Christmas Shoes"...go right ahead and enjoy it; you have my blessing!)

Yesterday, I spent the majority of my time in the kitchen cooking and baking away to prepare for our choir Christmas musical preview party last night. We enjoyed some good food and listened to the recording of the Musical we're planning to put on in December. But I digress...while I was in the kitchen I was kept company by all kinds of great artists, singing great songs; everyone from Michael Buble' to Michael English were my companions!

I noticed something about the last solo album that Michael English put out a year or so ago. Many/most of the songs used such powerful imagery to communicate emotions, events, experiences. I felt myself drawn into praise for the unmerited favor of God...and the Redemption He offers to us.

One particular song spoke to me, because of how clearly its message resonated with where I am and have been at various times in my life. That awareness that while I know all the proper Christian behaviors and doctrines and how do what's supposed to be done...that is not enough to sustain me! Do you ever just have that overwhelming sense that unless GOD HIMSELF breaks through and meets you on a personal level, you're not going to make it?!? I have felt that way!
I'm thankful that God draws close to us when we draw close to Him. But there are times when we lack the capacity to move very far in His direction. I picture it in my mind that at our faintest cry, buried beneath the bricks and rubble of life, God Himself becomes a force like a divine wrecking ball. Breaking through all that we are trapped under. Bringing us freedom. To breath. To life.

So, maybe it's because I've "been there" or maybe it's because I LOVE the imagery that is drawn in the lyrics. Whatever the reason, the song "Break Through" is one of my favorites.

I would post a link to the song, but I think I'd rather just share the lyrics with you, let you read them and drink them in. Then you can look up the song and enjoy the haunting melody that accompanies it.


I sing all the songs, I read all about You • I know right from wrong • What does it amount to? • If my life doesn't show how much I love You?

I need You to break through • Tear down the walls • Let everything fall • 'Cause I want to praise You • With nothing between You and me • I need You to break through

I know there is more I've yet to discover • So many things You want to uncover • I've been scratching the surface • I want to go deeper

I need You to break through • Tear down the walls • Let everything fall • 'Cause I want to praise You • With nothing between You and me • I need You to break through

Break through the pride • Break through the shame • I've had enough of staying the same • Break through the fear • Open the gates • I'm getting tired of playing it safe

I need you to break through


Making Memories 1999 said...

I like the words to that song. And, yes, I too, have realized recently, afresh and anew, how much I need HIM!! Thanks for posting this. Hope you have a great day!

Kimberly said...

i love and agree and "Get" everything you've said here, my friend! from turning the dial when that preposterous shoes song comes on:):) the growing awareness of how much i NEED His life-changing force in me...i can't fix myself or anybody else...too much brokenness...but He makes the difference and Knows & Loves us so much...incomprehensible!

i'm not familiar with this ME song, but i like the you!

Tara said...

Thanks, friends!

So thankful for a God who is set apart from all other 'gods' in His great love and willingness to sacrifice Himself for us...doesn't even compare to what others have to offer. We are blessed.

Juwah said...

Lovely post, but first, Hooray Tara is blogging!! I missed my wordsmith friend.

I've never heard this song, but I love the lyrics. Thanks for the good thoughts to go with it. I too have been under the rubble whimpering for His strength.

SO glad I'm not the only cold-hearted person who is not a Christmas Shoes type. :)

Tara said...

Ooohhh.....I feel so vindicated for my snobbery of the shoes song! :) This Christmas season, I will reject it with glee and think of ya'll every time I do!