Sunday, March 13, 2011

"The years tell us much the days never knew..."

I saw this quote shortly after returning from a delightful "Girlfriends Getaway" which was spent with dear friends who have meant much for so long. I have chewed on it over and over since that time, for it just rang so true with the thoughts and feelings brought about by our time together.

My life has been abundantly blessed by the friendships that were formed at an earlier time. Truly, those fun and exciting days we spent together in our youth could not have foretold the things that the years would bring... the joys, the heartaches, the changes of life, the miles that would span between our gatherings. I treasure every moment we can spend together! I'm very thankful for friendships that are grounded in a shared history, treasured memories, a commitment to Jesus, and a bond of love that remains unshaken. Oh! yes, and laughter!
Much more could certainly be said, but I believe I'll leave it at this, and share just a few pics from our weekend together. I'd forgotten how frustrating it can be to load pics to blogger!!!

We enjoyed a special weekend in Florida at the end of February.
Chatting it up in Market Square in Celebration, FL
Sunday evening laughs and good food at Vernon's home in Hobe Sound
Dinner at the incomparable TooJay's. :)

Some people can't be trusted....:)

Breakfast at Ohana's (it means family!) at Disney's Polynesian Resort. FABULOUS.
Kimber and I a little travel weary that first night. These pics are all out of order.


Kimberly said... did such a nice post-trip post!♥
i love that quote...i guess it's a good thing that we can't know what the future is going to's bittersweet to remember just how carefree i (we) once were...
good to know there's a least a few folks we can trust along the journey with all it's joy and junk...

Tara said...
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Tara said...

glad you like it, Kimberly! :)

Just finished reading Pilgrim's Progress with the children... I was struck by how beautifully John Bunyan describes the bond developed between those who we make our "pilgrimage" with. Christian and Faithful, and then Christian and Hopeful after Faithful was killed. At one point, they were literally saved by sharing conversation with one another when they could have been overtaken with temptation in the Enchanted Ground.

Anyway, it was a beautiful depiction of Christian friendship!

Juwah said...

I'm a little late, just now catching up on my blog reading(the boys are sleeping in today and I'm taking advantage of it). Enjoyed this post and love you so much. Just so you know the tongue sticking out things was Marty's fault.