Monday, March 10, 2014

Copy-Cat Blogging

I'm stealing the Daybook idea from my friend, Kimberly.  Because I just really want to blog again, and this gives me a good way to get the ball rolling. :) So, without further ado, a look into my day....

Outside my window....for the first time in a long while, there is sunshine.  Ah, sweet sunshine...finally melting away the last remaining clumps of ugly hardened snow.  I need sunshine like I need air.  When it's been too long, my whole world suffers.

I am thinking...oh about so many things. Decisions that have to be made. Needs to be met.  And the importance of just walking and trusting by faith.

I am thankful...for blessings large and small.  The last year has been filled with the anxiety of  watching my Dad fight Stage 4 Colon Cancer.  God has done an amazing work in spite of the bleak outlook in the beginning.  I'm thankful that doctors were able to do surgery and get ALL the cancer, which had also metastasized to the liver.  I will blog more about this at a later time.  To God be all the Glory, for the great things He has done.

In the smells pretty scrumptious, if I do say so.  Tonight's dinner is Pork Chop and Wild Rice Casserole, which is a family favorite.  *One of my favorite kitchen tips is keeping a bag of frozen chopped onions on hand.  Sooo quick and convenient to pull those bad boys out when whipping up a recipe.

I am wearing...unfortunately, an arm brace.  I'm suffering a recurrence of  inflammation in the elbow joint, making my left arm nearly un-usable.  Hurts so bad to bend it or stretch it, or apply any weight to that arm.  I had this problem last year about this time; wearing two braces and taking a prescription anti-inflammatory helped a lot.  The doctor told me then if it continued to be a problem, I would probably need physical therapy.  So I'm none too happy to have it show up again.  :( Ain't nobody got time for that!!!

I am contemplating...what it means to live a Christian life in a way that authentically represents Jesus, in this modern culture that's always shifting further and further away from  His principles.  Of course, no easy answer for this contemplation.  But it's on my mind a lot these days.  There's so much noise, and so much "standing up" and "fighting for our rights" coming from the Church world.  Meanwhile, we don't seem to be having much success in influencing the world around us.  So, therefore I'm contemplating....

I am reading...oh this is fun: I've been reading up on SAT preparation and guides.  Even though this is still several years away for our oldest, it feels like it's getting closer every day.  Time goes SOO quickly!! Apparently, there is some controversy/question over whether the SAT standards will be changed to reflect the implementation of the Common Core in public schools.  Crazy world.  As for some light, non-intellectual reading, I've picked up some Christian fiction for the first time in a long time, and I've enjoyed that as easy bed-time reading.  Found a new-to-me author named Stephanie Grace Whitson.  Her "Key on the Quilt" series is quite good!

I am looking forward to...a special surprise I've been planning for our Lauren's upcoming 15th birthday! Can't wait to see her face when she sees her gift.  (I'll fill ya in later!) :)

A favorite quote..."A good laugh and long sleep are the two best cures for anything." Irish Proverb

One of my favorite things...I've become so very fond of enjoying a cup of soothing tea in the evening.  My Keurig makes this easy and convenient.  Such a wonderful little luxury in the midst of a sometimes hectic and chaotic life! This blend is the best~

Well, that about does it for this edition of my Daybook.  I didn't do all the prompts. Maybe another day! The natives are getting restless....lots to accomplish still before I can snuggle down with that book and cup of tea!


Sonja Vernon said...

Welcome back. :) Lovely to hear about your day.

Kimberly said...

Just seeing this! So glad u copied!! :)
Sorry about your elbow...dislike!!
Excited with you for Lauren!!
Yes on your contemplations and other deep thoughts...and yes! to your blogging again...

The Dickinsons said...

Great hearing from you! When I saw a, "Tara comment" on my blog...I almost said out loud "The Tara?" I only know one Tara and it's been a LONG time since she's commented! =) LOVED catching up on your blog too. Except for the SAD NEWS about your Daddy...I hadn't heard. =( I trust God and the doctors keep winning with that! It's so NOT fun watching our parents suffer is it? My Moma had light stroke last June, and it has made my view on life change a lot. Phillip and I love following God and His will for our lives as missionaries...but probably the HARDEST thing is leaving our parents in their last few years. So not easy! (My Moma was SO EXCITED about our surprise baby #6 because that meant I'd only be gone from her for 5 months instead of 2 whole years! =)
And...I'm so SORRY about your elbow! Not fun! I hope things get better with that too!
Loved reading your blog, Glad you are blogging...and I'll bookmark you on our new computer so I can come back and visit again! =)

Making Memories 1999 said...

Glad to see that you posted again. And I hope your elbow is doing better! Blessings!