Monday, April 23, 2007

Something in the air....

We definitely are feeling the winds of change around here. Maybe it's just spring fever. But it feels like God may be shaking things up a bit for us. There are some developments with Derek's job that may prove interesting in the near future If you would, keep him in your prayers especially this week. We will need God's strength and guidance.

It's been an EXTREMELY busy weekend and start to this week. Saturday we were so hoping to attend the HSBC Alumni Connection meeting in Louisville. But there were just too many irons in the fire and something had to go. For one, it was our sweet Cameron's 6th birthday. And celebrating that had to come first. So Saturday night was devoted to our boy's birthday party. I'll post some pics of that later. Then on Sunday afternoon there was huge gathering at my grandparents to welcome home my cousin who is on a 2 week leave from Iraq. This was supposed to be a permanent homecoming, but due the "surge" he's been recalled for 9 more months. He doesn't seem to mind, though. If you think of Johnny, would you pray for his safety there? This will be his THIRD time to return there; seems a little like tempting fate if you believe in such a thing. I really don't. Although sometimes I think I do.....!

This morning, it was first thing to the pediatrician for Reagan's 2 month and Sophie's 4 yr check=ups. How I hate those immunizations! Especially for the babies. Always tears me up. Necessary evil, I suppose. Anyway, our little Reagan is quite the bruiser: 14 lbs and in the 86th percentile. Big boy. And Sophie was so cute. The doctor was asking me all those normal developmental type questions: can she draw a circle? can she count? know her shapes? colors? Sophie was like are you kidding me? I can write my own name and how high would you like me to count?!? It was very funny. Of course, all the funny was gone when it was time for shots. All day long she kept asking me, 'why did you call the dr to give me shots?' Mean ole Mommy.

After that exciting experience, it was off to the dentist for Lauren. That's always a treat. So needless to say, I think I'm ordering pizza for supper. I've done my share today, don't you think?!? We still have a busy week ahead. Derek has a business trip on Wednesday, gets home just in time to take a trip to Indy for his brother's graduation from the Police Academy. Can you imagine your hubby being a cop on the Indianapolis Police Force? Yikes! Pray for him too!

Well, before this turns into a dreary diary I think I'll bring it to a close. No major words of wisdom today. Although I think I may steal some from my hubby's prayer during family prayer a few days back. He said, "Lord, let our speech be concise and our spirits be contrite."
Come to think of it, wouldn't his dad be proud?!?


Juwah said...

Josiah's 4 year check up is next week, so I feel your pain. I LOVED the picture of Cameron with the DVD. My boys were looking at the photos with me and Josiah said, "Why is he so sad?" I said, "do you mean happy?" He said, "Yes, why is he so happy, did we get him those presents?" So it seems this blogging thing has even connected our children in a way. :) I'm anxious to hear what change is in the air for you all.

Kelly S said...

Hi Tara,

I came across your blog through Becca's. I'm so glad I did. Reading your blog brings back so many memories for me. You were the greatest shopping partner! We found all kinds of bargains didn't we?!

I'll definitely put you and Derek on my prayer list. Times like this can be tough. Can you imagine not having God in our lives? It's such a comfort to know that he is in control. But I know that doesn't always completely take away the anxiety, so I will definitely be praying for you.

I read on one of your earlier blog postings about the alumni meeting and was thinking about going so I could see you, but if you're not going, I probably won't bother trying to go. We live about 1-1/2 hours from Louisville.

It's great to connect with you again! My blog is

Take care ~ Kelly

Kimberly N. said...

Yep...alliteration (sp?) must run in the genes...but great truth there. Loved the Bday pics...and been meaning to tell you that the Ale8 logo cracks me up!:) Also, isn't this great that we have sucked Kayla in...and as a plus annoyed Harold:)
Blessings in this stressful week!(one day at a time...)