Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I posted pics from Cameron's birthday, but you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to find them. Haven't figured out the archiving thing yet! Still playing around with all the settings....

Blessings on you all today,


julie f said...


It was so fun to run across your blog (if you are interested how, I can't even remember...you know how these "mazes" are). Anyway, congratulations on your beautiful family! It's great to see how God has blessed you (and those kids look like a ball of fun!)

We too are feeling blessed as we just had our 5th baby about 2 weeks ago! This makes our 4th boy! Robb and I love the parenting adventure and besides feeling overwhelmed at times, this has been a great experience! (Besides, friends are still bringing warm meals over...the reality has not set in!)
Your link to K12 caught my eye and I just wanted to ask you if you use that for you homeschooling. We use it for our two oldest (1st and 3rd grade) through our state's charter school and really love it, though it is intense sometimes.

Well. take care! I better go...little ones are calling. I will be checking your blog often!!


Kim Matlock said...

Hey Tara! This is so neat to find you on here. I have a yahoo 360 account

You have a beautiful family. I hope we can keep in touch.
Kim Matlock

Marty said...


What a beautiful little boy you have! He looks like he had a great birthday...wish we lived closer so our boys good be best friends!

I need to update my blog to attract some attention from some our your friends! Ha! Awesome about Kayla joining us!


Tara said...

WOW! Today has been a major blast from the past in checking comments on my blog! Julie used the word "maze", and I think that's a really accurate description. You just never know who you may re-connect with.

Thanks for your post, Julie. Great to hear from you. We do use K12 for homeschooling; we don't have a charter, so we use it independently. The curriculum is OUTSTANDING, as you know, but very INTENSE as you also know! We take it one year at a time. This year has been challenging with the new baby. Don't know about next year yet....time will tell! Look forward to hearing from you more!

Kelly: GIIIRRRRRRRRLLLLL, you are so right. We were the Master Shoppers. No one could compete with our savvy bargains! Now those really WERE the days! I don't even remember the last time I went really shopping for myself. My finest bargains are found at Gymboree these days! Ha! I'm sure you know the feeling. So good to hear from you.

Marty, you're right. It's time for an updated blog! And some MORE pictures!!!! Love ya!

The world is feeling smaller again after all this reconnection. I love it.

Anonymous said...

My boys will be very jealous of the Buzz Lightyear cake. I really love that last picture. What great personality.

Marty said...


Steven wants to know if Cameron got Mario baseball for his birthday? He was so excited for Cameron! He loved his Buzz balloon! It is sooo cool...Steven's exact words!

I added new pictures...take a look.

Sonja said...

Wow, six years old. Are we really old enough to have children getting this old? Sometimes I still feel like that kid in junior high when we had all the answers -- to EVERYTHING. Remember that? Oh well, time marches on, but it's actually a good thing. I guess it's OK not to know everything. :)

~Heather~ said...

Tara, cute pics of your boy's birthday party. And I'll do my best to pray for y'all and the shaky ground you are feeling right now with Derek's job! That' not easy!

May God be with you and bless you tons this day,

Making Memories 1999 said...

Cute pics! I understand about being "second" in line! I think BOTH of our "kidlets" have Daddy higher on the totem pole than Mom!! That's ok, cause he's a good Daddy!!