Monday, June 11, 2007

Ode to Friendship...

I wish that I really had the time and mental creativity to do an actual 'ode', but my innermost thoughts and feelings will have to do instead.

I love the quote that says "there's no friend like an old friend." In my life that has proven itself true over and over. No matter the acquaintances that I make or the new friendships I endeavor to forge, there is something very precious (in the truest sense of that word) about my old friends. Whenever I am with any one of you there is a warmth in my heart that just permeates my being. It is like a *sigh* in a way; spending time in the presence of people with whom you can just "BE". That's all: just be. No pretense. No "wall" up. It is priceless!

This past weekend was just such a time. Having Brent and Sonja here on Saturday and Sunday was such a treat for our family! Of course, Brent with all of his hand sounds, etc., jokes about being a bad influence on the children. Truthfully, hand-sounds aside, I can only say that it thrills me for my children to be around my friends. My kids still haven't stopped talking about them. In fact, today Cameron asked me if Brent and Sonja would please come back and go on our family vacation with us in 2 weeks! And Lauren has expressed repeatedly that she wishes they could just have stayed indefinitely! Thanks, guys, for being such great role models of joy and happiness and Christian FUN to my children!

We enjoyed wonderful times of fellowship, eating (!), and just yacking on Saturday evening. And Sunday morning our church service was marked with God's presence. God used Brent in a wonderful way to bring encouragement and healing into our midst. In fact, our service ended with a time of annointing and prayer for healing. We were so thankful and proud to be able to offer a service with Brent...for we knew that not only the good music but the integrity of life and spirit would be an example to our people.

My life has been enriched and so much sweeter for having friends like so many of you. No matter who on the WWW comes across this post (!), you know who you are of which I speak. When I count my blessings, my friends are right up there at the top.

Here's some pictures of our weekend. I'm sure Sonja will probably have some to post as well, so maybe we can avoid duplication at least a little! In fact, Sonja has one VERY SPECIAL picture that is truly a priceless treasure. I will hold off and let her post that special one!


Kimberly said...

Looks like so much fun!! and ditto to your thoughts...I was experiencing some of that myself in VA which is why I am LATE saying Happy Anniversary!!:) proud and happy for ya'll!
(still not seeing your words...maybe it is the music thing? combined w/my ancient computer, but yours is the only site this occurs so unsure)

~Heather~ said...

That is soo neat! So glad that you had such a nice, fun, and fulfilling weekend with Brent and Sonya!

I love having good, fun Christians around for my kids to enjoy.


Love, Heather =)

~Heather~ said...

I put a comment on Kayla's blog for I read your comment that said "Glad that you enjoyed the recipe, Kids always love it." I'm curious...if you'd share this fun recipe. I'm always looking for new recipes. (PLEASE PRAY...FOR MY TASTE OF HOME MAG. is like almost 2 months I'm afraid it's LOST...and I'm sooooo SAD! BUT...GOD IS ABLE!!)

Love, Heather =)

Juwah said...


So happy for you all, just wish I could have been there too. Sounds like you had fun. It would seem, by the pictures, that Brent still has a Mt. Dew addiction. :) I'm looking forward to Sonja's "special" picture. I hope it doesn't have anything to do with the first "man" she left desprate and crying in the rain. :)

Juwah said...


I found your recommendations! They are there today, weird huh? Isn't Jim Weiss incredible? I'm looking forward to hearing these. BTW, if you do decide to do Susan Wise-Bauers History Curriculum, the first of the books is also available on CD read by Jim Weiss.

Tara said...

Kimber: Glad you're back! Been missing you and wondering about ya. Is everyone healthy in your household now?

Heather: Thanks for your comments. I will pray that your TOH magazines arrive. I LOVE TOH. Some of my best recipes are from there. I have mags that are 10 years old that I still use! And btw, the recipe I referred to on Kayla's blog was the Savory Chicken Crescents that I had posted on my blog a few weeks ago. If you didn't get it, let me know and I'll email it to you.

Juwah: I have removed the music from the blog just to see. I honestly don't remember when the trouble started. And it's just been you, Kim, and Jenny that have consistently had trouble with it. It is weird. Everything on my end looks fine. Are you now able to view my last 3 entries?
I sent you an email today about my shopping "spree" at our local homeschool used curriculum sale! One of the BEST bargains of the day was "The Well-Educated Mind" brand new for $14!! I was so excited! I am enjoying it so much already. Enough, already. Good to hear from you, friend. And I too, wish you could have been here this weekend!

Kimberly said...

-I concur that Mrs. Nellrena has a graceful and restful home and a real gift of creating comfort..won't she be proud we're talking about her?! (What happened to the other recs.?)
-btw, you look pretty yourself, my friend...AFTER 4 children:)
-and sadly, the words are still not appearing for me, even w/o the music:(..but i'm managing anyway.

Kim M. said...

Awwwweee... love the pictures. Thanks also for the recommendations!

Kelly S said...

I enjoyed seeing your pics with Sonya and Brent. Glad you had a good time.

I also enjoyed reading your recommendations. I'm excited to get "Sanctuary". I share your feelings on that. I have to admit, I normally don't have time to read. I have trouble even finding time to read everyone's recommendation lists, let alone the books that are on the list! Maybe "busyness" is something I need to work on eliminating in order to better achieve that "sanctuary"?!

Thanks for the updates. I enjoy reading about your life.

By the way, David got a kick out of you saying Derek didn't like you saying "we" did the landscaping because he did the majority of the work. He laughed - I think he felt he could relate! :)

kayla said...

Great pics. Makes excited to see Sonja in a few days.
I love the pictures with Sam. A friend was telling me today that her son saw Brent and Sam and said "there's Sam and his Dad".
I will tell my Mom you mentioned her. With four boys I am having a hard time emulating her good example of a peaceful home.

jenny said...

Well, I am happy to share that for those of us in living in the jurassic era of computerville I found a way to see your words. Just highlight with your mouse and the words will appear white! Aren't you proud of my perseverant efforts?!

It was so nice to see you all having a good time together. I love friends who are interested in really getting to know your kids. Sonja and Brent are amazing with children.

So glad for you with that steal of a deal at the garage sale. I am reading book one to the kiddos this summer.

~Heather~ said...

Tara, just thought I'd let you know that due to someone requesting a close-up picture of my new shoes that I got for my anniversary...I just posted a close-up pic! =)

I hope that you are having a good day! I made your yummy banana pancakes again the other day! =)

Love, Heather =)

~Heather~ said...

Thanks for stopping by to see my new shoes, glad you liked them. Yes, you are right, when our kids are happy, IT BRINGS US SOOO MUCH JOY! =)

Just had to tell you that GOD just answered one of my prayers! The June/July Taste of Home just arrived! YEA! Though, I'm still missing the April/May issue, I'm thrilled to at least have a T.O.H. to look at, and bake fun treats out of! =) I had asked you to thought I'd let you know that God answered! HE is AWESOME!

Chat later,
Heather =)

Anita said...

I'm extremely jealous.

Tara said...

Jenny: Yeah! Welcome back to my blog; take your shoes off and stay a while! Does this mean that you were able to access all the posts that you couldn't read before? I am so sorry about this; if I knew it was something on my end I'd certainly try to fix it. I want you to be able to read, because I value your input on the more 'juicy' stuff that arises sometimes!!
Also, when I was at that book sale the other day, I saw the book, "She's Gonna Blow"; I knew I had heard of it somewhere, but couldn't remember where, so I didn't buy it. Then I remembered it's on your favorites list. OY! Did I pass by a good thing for $1??!

Heather: YEAH, on your magazines! I prayed and will continued to do so!

Kayla: I am jealous of you getting to have Sonja for the summer. Also jealous that you have unfettered access to naps at Ms. Nellrina's. (btw, do I spell her name right? I can't bear to misspell someone's name!) And it's totally understandable that your house wouldn't be a relaxing as hers!! I think you're entitled!

Anita: I am jealous of Kayla. She gets to have Sonja all summer!

Julia: btw, YES, Brent does still have a Mt. Dew addiction. And, sadly, I enabled him and had a stash ready. Don't tell Aunt Ruthie, though; apparently she would NOT approve. :)

Toots said...

Your pictures were so much fun to see. Fellowship with kindred spirits-ah,... I sigh with you.
I think there's something there connected to being made in HIS image...He desired fellowship and so do we.
Glad you had a refreshing time.