Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Little Bit 'o Life

The days sure have been busy...a little bit of life goin' on around here. We've had some yucky virus with sore throats, congestion, etc. So that's been fun.

On Sunday, I hosted the family dinner in honor of my Mom's birthday. We had 14 people here: would you believe I got not ONE picture? That's a blogging crime of gigantic proportions, I know. I was just so busy making sure there was enough food, and everyone was properly served that I forgot all about the camera. I couldn't have Mom cooking and hosting on her birthday, though, so I was glad to do it! I planned my menu in advance and tried to make several dishes the night before; that's the only way I can manage feeding that many. My menu: Slow-cooked Boneless Beef Short-ribs in Homemade BBQ Sauce, Twice-baked potatoes, Vegetable Cole Slaw w/Homemade dressing, Fried Zucchini w/Marinara Sauce, Corn Casserole, Heather's Self-rising Rolls, and my mom's favorite drink..Peach Iced Tea; Gooey Chocolate Butter Cookies and Pumpkin Cake w/cream cheese frosting for dessert. Whew! Seems like a lot when I type it out! Everything turned out well, though, and I think everyone enjoyed it.

I had lunch today with the other pastors' wives. It was good to share our thoughts and burdens with one another. I think Satan has us in his rifle scope these days: doing what he does best. Trying to sow division and create conflict in the Body. I have more thoughts along these lines that I hope to share in a future post, so I'll not get in too deep now. Time to get ready for Bible Study tonight.

A closing thought: October is designated as Pastor/Clergy Appreciation Month. I hope that wherever you worship, and whomever your pastor might be, that you will take time to express your thoughts of encouragement and appreciation to him and his family. I have strong feelings and opinions on how vital it is for congregations to do this corporately, and in an organized effort. However, if that is not the case where you are, please take the time to do something on an individual basis! It's not the size or the amount of the gift, it's the fact that you cared at all that really matters.

It's so important to have lives, homes, and churches that are seasoned with prayer. I'm continually reminded of that as time goes by. It's our only effective weapon against our common Enemy.

Blessings be upon you and yours!


Kim M. said...

Wow, your meal for your Mom sounds like a lot of work (and love of course).
Enjoyed your post. Thanks for reminding us to appreciate our pastors and season our lives with prayer!

Kimberly said...

Hope everyone is feeling better!
Those kind of meals are work but worth it...I do like making a list a checking it off!:)
Rest assured we are doing our part here in Pastor's Appreciation!:)

Making Memories 1999 said...

Enjoyed your post! And what a yummy sounding dinner!!! You go, girl!! I'm sure your Mom was very appreciative! Hope you all are feeling better!! Have a great day!

Juwah said...

So enjoyed your newsy post. I got tired just reading what you cooked, let alone all the work it took to make it. You are amazin!

Toots said...

I'd take a leftover plate lunch...sounds so good!

Queen Essie said...

Tara -

Love your page n pix!

Tell your Derek, my Derek says hello :) Liz sent me a link to his my space page and Derek was very interested in his music. I have even caught myself singing lines to one of the songs!

I got my blog page started, so drop by some time & bring snax from that party! Sounds very yum-o!


kayla said...

It's time for you to post some more recipes.
Got any suggestions on expressing thanks to six pastors?

Kimberly said... new look!!:)

Sonja said...

Absolutely love the new look. Like everyone else was also very moved with your dinner. It sounds lovely, and I do mean lovely.

Appreciate your thoughts on prayer and on Satan's desires to tear apart the body. Absolutely true!! Hope you are doing well. I would love to have some Tara time. Maybe after this crazy month we can get together. Love ya!

Jody J said...

Great to hear what you've been up to. I was so excited that Travis got to see Derek. I think I was more excited than him. :) You know guys . . . not that he wasn't glad to see him, but you know what I mean!