Thursday, November 1, 2007

Weekend Reflections......Part Two

After our wonderful night of fellowship on Friday, which went rather late, we fell into our beds at the hotel (thank goodness for priceline!), to get a little sleep. Saturday morning we braved the chilly rain and ginormous crowds to meet some friends at the Creation Museum. Becca, "Isaac", "Sunshine Girl,", and "Little Guy"; Julia, Matt, Josiah, and Micah, our crew, along with Becca's sister Rhonda and kiddos. (we were bummed that Jani's family and Sonja and Brent had to leave and couldn't be with us.) What a surprise it was to bump into Kevin Moser, who is quite the aficionado of the museum, having been something like 12 times. He was leaving as we were coming, but agreed to stick around and give us a personalized tour. That was a big treat.

*The museum is all it is cracked up to be. Definitely something to be proud of representing the creationist, biblical viewpoint. Visitors walk through the Garden of Eden (complete with dinosaurs), through to the first sacrifice after sin entered the world, excellent reproductions of the ark, a visit at the feet of Methuselah, and also get a first-hand look at exactly what sin did to our planet. There is a wonderful film "Men in White", and a not-to-be-missed Planetarium. The day actually concludes with a simple presentation of the Gospel, and you get the impression that workers are ready and willing to answer questions and pray with anyone who might ask. Kevin shared that 12 construction workers actually did get saved during the building process, because of all the evidence offered, and the sharing of the gospel by Ken Hamm with them. That's pretty awesome.

*I hardly know where to begin in sharing some of the details of the exhibits. I can tell you the things that affected me most. FIRST, there is a predominant message throughout the exhibits, which is simply this: creationists and evolutionists begin with the same "set" of evidence, be it a dinosaur fossil, or any other archaeological find. Because they both approach the same evidence with a pre-biased set of beliefs, they each conclude different things. Because evolutionists come to all fossils, living and non, with a belief already in place telling them that the world is billions and billions of years old, they have to squeeze and tweak and pull and push and prod all evidence in to that box. Scientifically, any honest person can see that there are issues with some of their conclusions. But they brought their "faith" to their evidence and walked away with different conclusions. Creationists don't have all the answers to life's mysteries: however, they come to all evidence with a firm pre-biased belief in the biblical account of earth's origins. With that belief in place, their evidence is pretty easily explained. They don't have to do a lot of pushing and shoving to make things fit into their box. A cataclysmic world-wide flood, such as the Bible teaches, really explains a LOT. But the museum exhibits go to great lengths to show the process from the perspectives of both creationist and evolutionist paleontologists. It's very enlightening. SECONDLY, I had a weird experience when viewing a video recreation of what the flood may have looked like. I didn't know it, but I had always thought about the flood from a sort of "flat-earth" perspective! I imagined RISING waters. This clip shows the globe, the planet earth, being slowly encased in a flood of waters. It was riveting, and much more chilling seeing it in that way. FINALLY, words fail me a little to express my feelings after leaving the Planetarium, our final stop of the day. I grew up with a fascination of the stars and constellations, definitely a direct response to my dads' interest. Mom bought him a telescope for Christmas one year, and he and I enjoyed many hours of gazing into the starry Florida sky. Especially beautiful down at the beach, where external light interference was minimal. ANYWAY, (!), I had never really grasped the enormity of the entire cosmos. We think of our planet, Earth, in such an egotistical manner. Like we really have the power to improve or destroy it. We think this planet is so huge and vast. But in relation to what little scientists know of the whole cosmos, our planet is SOOOOOOOO teensy weensy. It looks like the most puny, insignificant piece of matter out there! In fact, in viewing it, I really began to feel so small and insignificant. What really makes the only difference, what makes us have value, is that we are the CREATION of the Master of the Universe. Formed in His image, and for some unimaginable reason, loved by Him. This is the planet where He became incarnate, where He revealed Himself, where His spirit resides, and to which one day He will return. Again, my words are feeble, but it is truly mind-blowing to me. (and at the risk of sounding like a TOTAL cook, I also wondered with all the gazillion stars, planets, and galaxies out there, and probably more that we don't have a clue about, are we really the ONLY created ones out there? Do we really fill up God's time and interest?!!!? Just really can't help it!)

I should probably have done a slide thingy for pics; oh they are!

Lauren and "Sunshine Girl" (Becca's girl) became very fast friends, and were inseparable all day!

Also two very fast friends!

A very funny pair: Sophie and Micah; their parents discussed arranged marriages as well! :)


Jenn said...

Wow...sometimes it's so easy for us to forget how awesome & amazing our God is. I've heard a lot of good things about the creation museum & hope that someday I'll get to go & experience it myself! Thanks for sharing your thoughts (& of course the pictures too...always love them!!!) :-) Hope you're having a great week!

Kimberly said...

To be honest, I have not been all that interested in going here...but you make it sound good. So funny to get the grand tour from Kevin! Enjoyed the pics. and all!

kayla said...

I vowed that I would let Harold do the alumni, IHC get together without me. Now I am rethinking, maybe I'll come along this year and fit in some exracurricular activities along the way.
I have heard really great reviews about the Creation Museum, I think it would be really good for my boys. Maybe I could even see some friends along the way?

Juwah said...

I am loving your journal of our weekend. It's like having my own personal journalist on staff with me! More pictures for me to "steal" as well. :)

Kim; You're such a flaming liberal! Not interested in the creation museum!! TOO FUNNY!!

Kayla; Oh yes, do come to IHC. I'd love to see you.

Kimberly said...

Ummm...sorry to see I've been disparaged here:) I have no ill-will against the CM...but if I were given the choice in Cinn. I think I'd still choose the sorta-new Underground Railroad Museum..dying to go there..even if that makes me a liberal:)!! (but you have made the CM sound interesting.) Kayla says she might go w/me if we both make it up that way in April...who can tell?!:)

Making Memories 1999 said...

We, too, REALLY enjoyed the day!! Plan on going back more than once, hopefully! I am hoping to get some of our pics posted soon. (I have SOOO much "catch up" blogging to do!! Am doing good to wish happy birthday to my husband!) :-)

Our Sunshine Girl said today that she wanted to see Lauren again! They really "hit" it off didn't they! Also, so good to see you and your dear family at YC! Have a great day!!