Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday Happenins'

Just thought I'd check in with a little update on the goings on around here. Energy level is still a little low for any grandiose blogging these days. Here are a few of the highlights:

*We were proud of Lauren and Cameron performing in their Christmas Piano Recital a couple of weeks ago. They both did really well. Lauren played two songs, "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" and "Angels We Have Heard on High". Cameron played "We Three Kings". We are blessed to have a wonderful piano teacher for them, and they both enjoy learning to play the piano.

*Our family gave our first "concert" on Sunday night. Of course we sing a song here and there from week to week. But it is quite a different thing to do a non-stop hour of music and sharing. Can't say we were the most polished crew to ever roll down the road, but God definitely helped us. Couldn't have done it without Him, and most of all, I think we were able to be a blessing to a little church that hasn't had anything special in a long time.

*We have had flus of both the respiratory and digestive tract nature. That has been highly unpleasant. And that is all I will say about that. I think we are slowly on the mend.

*If the big winter storm doesn't strike, the kids are prepared for their Christmas play on Sunday night at church. There's rumors of snow and ice, though, so we'll see..............

*I'm rediscovering some of the things that are not my personal faves of the season. I don't care for colored lights; I strongly resist the appearance of any Christmas decor until Thanksgiving has been given due honor; I feel like a hypocrite when singing "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"(cuz I'm so NOT!); I really dislike Christmas cards with only a canned verse and someone's signature at the bottom, assembly-line style; I truly prefer my wonderful-smelling, freshly cut, not completely perfect Frasier Fir tree to an artificial one....but the immense PRESSURE to cave and go fake is starting to get to me!!! Even my husband is threatening mutiny due to the higher costs of the real trees each year. Some of my Christmas soul may die when I have to give in to the pressure. *sigh*

*Ah, but lest you think I am Scrooge-ish, let me assure you there are plenty of things about the season that warms me 'art. For one thing, I am SO appreciating the opportunity of recognizing the ADVENT SEASON this year as a family. We've never done it during family devotions, only during Advent Sundays at church. I think focusing on Advent is drawing our minds back to the real reason for the season (at the risk of sounding cliche') every evening. I also love the traditional Carols of Christmas. The last several years we have been reading about the stories behind the songs of Christmas, and sharing them with our congregation. Really makes the songs come alive. As aforementioned, I LOVE the smell of the fir tree in the living room. Love the mistletoe ball that hangs in the kitchen doorway, giving an excuse to Mommy and Daddy for a little extra smoochin'. I love it when someone says Merry Christmas. Get a little tingly feeling almost every time. Good stuff.

So that's about it for now. I don't have pics from the concert yet, and don't have my Christmas decor pics uploaded yet, don't have the videos ready to upload. But I do have a few recital pics, so I'm gonna post those in closing! Trust your season is Merry and Bright!


Juwah said...

Loved the newsy post. The kids look great in their Festive attire. So sorry you all have been feeling nasty though. By the way, I remember that mistletoe hanging around when I lived with you. I have a VERY funny picture of Hoser and SJV under it. :) HEE HEE HEE!

Merry Christmas, my friend.

julie f said...

I love to hear how you are enjoying this "most wonderful time of the year."

You hang in there, sister, in regards to your real tree! I am doing the same, though people love to tell me what I am missing with pre-strung lights and no mess. Maybe when I'm old...

Love the cute pictures of the kids...hope your days continue to be merry!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Would love to have heard the kids perform.

Just got home this am after a very long night of driving in order to escape before the white death came. Hope you all survive relatively unscathed, and STAY WELL.

Juwah, you should destroy that picture. :)

Love ya!

jenny said...

Christmas sounds like a really fun and meaningful season in your household. We are under the shadow of the flu this Sunday (with only one so far, and many prayers for no more) and this was especially enjoyable to read today.

Kimberly said...

I do love a little snow, but I'm happy to be in snowless LA when seeing pics of the horrific weather!!

sounds like a great recital!

next year get a fake tree and you'll have alot more energy!!:)
(btw, good "Christmas soul" line!)

Toots said...

Enjoyed getting the news from over your way! I too would love to hear the recital. You're blessed to have a good teacher close by! That's wonderful.
Sweet pictures.

kayla said...

Go Lauren and Cameron! I would love to have heard the recital and the concert as well.
I think a FL Christmas would be just the thing for you. You dream of a Green Christmas and we'll take a little of your white stuff.
I will be sending an update soon, so stay tuned.

Charity said...

Fun post! So looking forward to seeing you guys- very, very soon!!!

~Heather~ said...

Loved this post and the nice pics! Glad y'all are having a wonderful CHRISTmas!! =)

We are too here in Colombia.
Love, Heather and family! =)

Marty said...

I think all good piano teachers must look the same. No Kidding, my childhood teacher (NO LAUGHING!! I DID TAKE LESSONS FOR SEVEN VERY LONG YEARS!!!) looks just like yours! It is weird! I've posted a few pics..check them out!
Love the Christmas letter!

Kim M. said...

Loved reading your updates. Haven't been blog hopping much lately but I was thinking of you and decided to check.
I need to talk to you about something school related. Can you email me your email address at That is if you don't mind :-)

Wesley said...

Hi Tara! Remember me from WAY back?? I thought I'd stop by and say "hi". I saw your blog on my cousin, Charity's blog. Feel free to stop by my blog. I'm new at it,so I don't have a whole lot on it yet.

Happy New Year!

Wesley Thomas