Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hard Pill to Swallow....

Florida, Florida, Florida....I do love it. But what were they thinking today? I will reign in my tongue for now, but suffice it to say that I am profoundly saddened and disappointed at the outcome of the Florida GOP Primary. Perhaps when I awaken tomorrow, I will find cause for fresh hope, and less melancholy. As things stand now, it seems like we're headed for one of the following: Madame President Clinton, President Obama, or President McCain. I am less than enthused at the prospects of any of the above.

Final thought: I felt that Gov. Romney's "concession" speech tonight was one of the finest speeches of the campaign year spanning both parties. And, I question whether McCain will pillow his head in peace tonight, given that he clearly spewed falsehoods over the last couple of days, directing attention away from the economy. The pundits "tongue-in-cheek" call what he did a sucker-punch. Around our house, we still call it lying.

Yes, it was pent up and had to come out.


Anita said...

I'm just plain sick over the whole situation.

julie f said...

Yes, this did feel like a low-blow to conservatives, but do not loose heart, friend! Super Tuesday may have some surprises!

Glad you shared your feelings! Just remember that it is not over!

Tara said...

Yeah, ladies....I'm gonna hang in there until Super Tuesday, and then I'm taking a major break from politics. Unless, that is, there is a serious turn around and I'm happy with the nominee. Sometimes I feel like I'm an alien or something. I watch a debate, and have such a clear sense of what I saw happen there. And then, the commentators ALL come out with a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT take on what I just saw with my own eyes!!! It's like we're in different worlds or something. SO FRUSTRATING!!!!

Thanks for your comments.

Leah said...

Well, with the Cal. debate over tonight, I have some of those "pent up" feelings too! How lopsided can you get!! I was so frustrated with the lack of time Paul and Huckabee received. After it was over, I think I heard that Reagan's name was mentioned by Romney 19 times, by Paul 3 times (with McCain and Huckabee somewhere in between). I thought--"DUH!! Paul and Huckabee didn't get nearly as much speaking time!")
It really got on my nerves when McCain kept talking about "the buzzword being 'timetable'", concerning what he described as Romney's standing on troop withdrawal from Iraq. It just seemed so obvious that he was taking the one or two sentences Romney had used completely out of context. Did anyone else get irritated by that?? Or was it just me?
It was great to see Nancy Reagan
Looks like your blog has become somewhat of a political sounding board for some of us. :-)
Thanks!! I enjoy your perspective!

Tara said...

Leah, I was TOTALLY irritated by that. In fact, I was totally irritated by John McCain completely tonight. I know I need to be careful in how I express it, since he may well be my President in a few months, but I am even surprised at how strongly I dislike the man.I mean, deep down, sick-to-my-stomach dislike. I think he's fundamentally mean-spirited and dishonest. GRRRRR!!!!

It really has come down to a 2 man race, whether we like it or not. And, I NEVER thought I would say something like this...but it would probably be more honorable for Huckabee and Paul to just step aside now and let McCain and Romney get an honest divvy of the votes. B/c as long as they're in there, the vote is just too split. Man, I can't believe how this election is stretching my brain! I always used to think you just vote your conscience no matter what. But what do you do if you see the handwriting on the wall??? I think Huckabee will take votes from Romney on Super Tuesday and then have to drop out anyway, and accept a VP nod or something. So, it just seems to me it would be more honorable to bow out now, and let McCain and Romney duke it out for real. And give Romney a chance.

Okay, going to bed now. And agree, it was good to see Nancy Reagan. And, boy don't we wish there really WAS a Ronald Reagan in this race? McCain is nuts if he thinks Reagan would endorse him....Reagan was all about the coalition of true CONSERVATIVES in the Republican party. What a joke! Okay, really....going to bed now! :)

Anita said...

I will be terrified if McCain becomes president. He seems to be all about military and war and we've heard him say that he doesn't care if we are in the middle east a hundred years and he plans on attacking more countries. Yet, what will he do with America's economy, Soc Sec and Health Care Issues.

I watched Edwards speech in New Orleans where he announced pulling out of the campaign. I couldn't help but think I wish I had heard more from him before but he was always overshadowed by Obama and Hillary scrabbles.

If our choices are left down to McCain vs Obama or Hillary I may seriously consider moving to the dark side of the moon.

Tara said...

Anita...TRUST ME...you missed nothing by hearing less from Edwards. Remember we heard from him in 2004, too. Yeah, we heard from McCain too. He wasn't the man then, and he's not the man now. Step aside, Washington Politicians!! Time for fresh blood!

Toots said...

I too was discusted with McCain last night. It was so obvious that he didn't care about the truth. (Where are the statesmen?) And I'm with you in thinking that it is probably a good idea for Huckabee and Paul to pull out now. I've just been studying "George Washington's Rules of Civility"...it's unbelievable how far our nation has drifted.

Jenn said...

I have to say that I've enjoyed reading everyone's perspective on this whole election "mess"! I hate how jaded & pessimistic I have become over the whole thing. I have gotten so sick of listening to them bicker & bash, that I'm already avoiding watching the news at all...& we still have 10 months to go!
I admit that I do agree w/ your choice Tara...up to this point I had really been leaning toward Huckabee. However, with the way things have been going I'm starting to lean more toward Romney...& mostly for the simple fact that I really don't like McCain or what he stands for. In addition to that, he comes off as a grumpy old man...something that WILL NOT fare well in a head to head campaign against EITHER Clinton or Obama. Anyway...now that I've written a book & gotten MY feelings off my chest, I will go. Have a great weekend!!! Miss ya!

Jamie said...

Hey Tara,
Ran across your blog tonight and so enjoyed reading what you have been up to. I couldn't agree more with what you said in this particular blog entry. I love following politics, but it is getting more and more frustrating. I too am a Romney supporter and am holding out hope for this Tuesday! Thanks for your thoughts.

Tara said...

I'm glad ya'll have kept this discussion going. I just have to have somewhere to go with my frustrations. It's driving me nutso! :) By the end of tonight (Super Tuesday) I think we'll have a better grasp of the situation. I was asking Derek if he thinks God has a specific will here. Do we pray for who we think is best or do we just pray for his will in this election process? Does prayer change things like this? I don't know. More question than answers there. I know the Bible talks about God setting up and God taking down. And I also know that in January of '09 when our new President is sworn in, that person whoever he/she may be, will then move to the top of our prayer list. And we will teach our children to pray for their President the same way we pray for President Bush. It might just take a little more grace to do so. :)
Laura, is the read you mentioned a pamphlet or book, or what? sounds interesting.
Jamie: my goodness! It took me a minute to figure out who ya were! It's been very LONG time. Glad to see that you're doing well also; lovely family. We share an obsession for politics, huh?!

Just read Dr. Dobson's statement this afternoon about John McCain. Said this election offers the worst choices on both sides in his lifetime. And he's not sure his conscience will allow him to vote for McCain even come November. That is a HUGE statement coming from a man of his calibur.

I think Huckabee could use a good spanking. He's not running FOR president anymore. He's simply running AGAINST Romney. And that's not good for the Party or the Country. I'm exceedingly annoyed.

I'll check in later. Blessings, ladies!