Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cameron is SEVEN!

So many things to post little time. But before I move on to anything else, honor must be duly given to the celebration of Cameron's 7th birthday, which was this past Monday, April 21st. Our little family party was on Sunday....and as usual the boy made out like a bandit. (don't you just love that expression?!)

Cameron is one energetic bundle of boyness. Many times I shake my head, at a complete loss to understand him. His daddy says, "he's a boy, Mama." As if that explains everything. :) Cameron is a very loving and affectionate little guy, so gentle with his little brother. Such an enigma to me in his "smartness" and learning style. He blows me away sometimes with his quick grasping of concepts, especially in Math. As of late, though, he almost always has one word on his lips: "WHY?" And I don't mean, "why" as in questioning why he has to do something. I mean he wants to know WHY about everything. Why was this named that? Why did that person do that? Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? Why is there a word called "why"?!!!!!! WHY can't I know everything???!!!!! AAAGHH!

Cameron takes the reading of the birthday cards, very seriously! I love that!

1 comment:

Leah said...

I LOVED those pics!
The one with your parents is really great!!
I can tell he's "all boy"!!
With growing up without a brother around, I'm always amazed and intrigued by my little guy too!
I just love them!