Thursday, April 24, 2008

A "Hallet" finds a Home

I mentioned previously that an exciting event has occurred in our home. To be quite honest, all the pregnancy vibes floating around the blogosphere have given me a little bit of baby fever. As completely irrational as it is and would be, I almost wish I could share news of another human baby....but that is NOT the case!
Instead, I have a new baby of the not human kind, and not the furry kind either. I feel almost as unworthy to have this baby as I do my four biological children! Anyway, we were made an offer that we couldn't refuse on this beautiful "Hallet and Davis, Co., of Boston" baby grand piano. I've been calling her "Hallie", much to my childrens' chagrin. The day she was delivered here to our home was a very exciting really was like getting a new family member. An investment for a lifetime. As I mentioned, I do feel very inadequate to have such a beautiful instrument, but I'm already practicing more and playing more daily than I have in many years. Every Sunday morning, I have the privilege of playing a beautiful piano, and that is usually when I do most of my practice time, before services on Sundays. Now, I am committed to applying myself more to all the things that I have forgotten or set aside. Not to mention, with 3 of the children taking piano lessons, it has been wonderful to have this new blessing.
My old piano sits forlorn in the corner having seen better days for sure. I've had that piano since I was 4. I'm hoping that my brother will want it since he's "setting up house" in a few short months with his soon-to-be-bride. Just hauling it off somewhere would be a little sad for a sentimental sap like me.

So, now that the "mystery" has been uncovered, it's on to the pictures!

Waiting very excitedly for the instrument to arrive.

The movers showed up right on time.One insanely heavy creature, she is! I love the way the Hallet &Davis Co beautifully finishes even the bottom of the piano; it's as beautiful beneath as on top!Just adjusting the artist bench that came with it, and we're good to go.Lauren takes her "for a spin". Mommy did too, but I won't be posting that unsightly picture! :)

Ahhhh....such a beauty!


Jenn said...

OOHHH...she's SOOOOO beautiful!!! I would normally tend to be jealous, but I'll just be happy for you instead! ;-) I only hope that someday I'll be able to have an instrument that nice! :-D Miss ya'll!

(& thanks for finally solving the mystery! haha!)

loree2000 said...

Congratulations on the Lovely new "baby"! :D

The piano looks beautiful!

Also, I noticed the colors of the walls in your home. I really like them!

Kimberly said...

My goodness gracious, Tara...that is gorgeous!!! So happy for ya!!!!
(I have a grand at church as it..but the home piano pales in comparison to this!! But, would have no where to put one, at any rate)

Leah said...

WOW!!! That is awesome!! I can only imagine how much you will enjoy it!!

Jody J said...

Wow! It's beautiful! It goes so good in your house! Love the walls and floors. The piano really compliments all that. Happy playing!

Toots said...

I'm so happy for you, Tara! It's really pretty! I know you'll enjoy it!

Kim M. said...

ok I am salivating! And it looks beautiful in your beautiful room! Congrats!

Marty said...

I know that I could make this piano sound like.....nothing! Well, maybe I could play Jesus loves Even Me!!! You know my talent in this area is unspeakable!! It is a beautiful piece of furniture that I'm sure that you make sound like Heaven!