Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Montage'...Part Deux

So I'm a little lax in continuing my picture blog. I am happy to report that I retrieved the pictures of the cake when cut. So I hope you enjoy those. The rest of the pics are in no particular in order and for no particular reason, other than I haven't posted pics on my blog very often lately! :) I have one more picture blog that I am working on....very special pics of an exciting event that has occurred in our home......ooooohh, MYSTERY! :) Aren't you excited?!? I promise I will try to make haste in posting.

The famous cake of Rainbow and Sky. mmmm...goood. :)

Easter Mornin' Finery: thanks to Jam. :)

Daddy's powerful influence at play.

I asked Lauren to quickly brush her teeth; a few min. later, this is what I found! My multi-tasking book-worm~!

This pic. is especially for Julia, who thinks that I'm damaging and indoctrinating my children! What can I say? My little guy is UNUSUALLY bright for his age, and knows a good thing when he sees it! :)

A visit with Nana

Now, let me be clear: Mommy loves G-Pa very much.....but this gift that he brought for the young'uns is the new bane of my existence! I don't have room for it! :) There have been many hours of fun from it, though.

Uncle "Stott" with Reagan

Uncle Scott and the girls

Can't figure out why this pic is so blurry. :( But it's a keeper, 'cause

getting four kids to smile at once is an amazing feat.

Uncle Scott and Aunt Erin

The only "tattoo" I ever intend my boy to have :) But it says, "MOM"...*sniff, sniff* Aw!

I'm not sure why I'm throwing this picture in: maybe just for authentic documentation of my life! :) We had JUST cleaned up the living room, put away all the toys, etc. FIVE MINUTES LATER......a 14 month old tornado came through and left a trail in his wake. I just had to take a picture.


Jenn said...

LOVE the pics...& can't wait to find out what this mystery is! ;-) miss ya'll!!!

Kimberly said...

Adorable...yay for book-worms!

Kim M. said...

Enjoyed all the pictures.... I love pictures!
I had to laugh at the picture of where you tornado swept through your clean living room. I can SO relate!
I, too, am curious about your mystery. :-)

Allana Martian said...

You call that a WAKE? We must have a bigger boat than yours, girlie! In the near future, I'll post a pic of the wake my 3 and almost 2 year old can leave! You have a beautiful family, Tara. I love the Easter photos.

jenny said...

The cake is such a neat idea...really tell your sis great job!

My fav pic was Lauren multi-tasking...really cute.

I hear you with the tornadoes...

Juwah said...

Loved the pictures! Micah walked up while I was looking and saw the "tornado" left by Reagan and said, "where is that house?" I said, "That is my friend Tara's house." He said, "no the little house, whose toys are those?" I said, "they are her children's toys." Micah declared, "I want to go to that house to play. Can we all go to that house sometimes and play?" I said, "I would love to honey, maybe someday." Sad, sad day that you live so very far away.