Saturday, April 12, 2008

Politics: Enter at your own risk.

GRRR! I have pulled back from the deluge of campaign coverage since the losses of Super Tuesday. As a Republican, I no longer have a choice. But on the Democratic side, I just don't know if I can take another day of Barack Obama coverage. Hence, I tremble at the thought of him in the White House where I won't be able to escape him. I choke on his arrogance and his obvious lack of depth and understanding regarding the lives of everyday Americans.

Folks have been enamored with his oratorical skills since day one, (though for the life of me I HAVE NEVER SEEN WHY), but every now and then the facade slips just long enough for one or two stray comments to reveal the truth inside. This is true of he and his wife. Poor thing: only been proud of America once in all her borned days.

As this week drew to a close, Mr. Obama managed to insult the good peeps of Pennsylvania, and really every average small town American with them. He commented that the folks are bitter and THEREFORE cling to guns, religion, faith and family. In all their small-mindedness, you see. So, today, while speaking in Muncie, IN, he attempted to rectify his statements. What was that like? Well, something like this: he's "sorry" that he didn't say it quite right, but "EVERYBODY KNOWS WHAT HE SAID WAS THE TRUTH." (Again, I refer you to his arrogance). He went on: the poor people of small town U.S.A. feel like their voices arent' being heard in Washington. They so long to have their government listen to them about their poor paying jobs, and their lack of healthcare, and their daddy away on his 3rd tour. They're so desperate for the government to listen. But the government doesn't listen. So THEY'RE REDUCED TO SEEKING SOMETHING ELSE TO COUNT ON: Faith, family, community, and their second Ammendment rights.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. If you're a person of faith like me, who counts heavily upon God, Family, and Friends, you can consider yourself insulted today.

If Obama has his way, there is a glorious day dawning in early November when we'll no longer be reduced to such small-minded ways!!!!! He and his government will be there to oversee our every need. Yippee.


Juwah said...

I dont care wut he sez I aint givin up mie babys, mie gunz, or mie Jesus no mater wut the guverment sez. :)

Liz said...

So , So scary what we are facing. Enjoyed reading this post. Also enjoyed the comment above...:)

Tara said...

LOL!!! I was considering deleting this post since I obviously posted the rant while I was highly annoyed. But with such great comments as these....I can't bear to delete it. The world will have to bear the sight of it a while longer.

Enjoyed this laughter immensely! :)

Anonymous said...

So...let me tell you about my poor paying job and lack of healthcare. Oh wait, I got good health care without insurance...bummer. Oh well, there's still that poor paying job.

Leah said...

Not to mention the "being punished with a baby" statement, which really made me shudder.
BTW, I knew the post had to be good, when I saw your title! :-)

Jamie said...

Woohoo! I knew to check your blog when I saw the news this week! You said what I wanted to say - I can't blog when I'm mad because I make no sense! Surely the Republican powers-that-be are taking lots of notes to refresh the voters memories of this kind of stuff come October.

Toots said...

Double Dittos, Tara! I'm very concerned for the future of our nation, for our freedom which was so hard-won.
I fear so many have become immersed in the liberal culture, mesmerized by the sweet-talking-nonjudgmental-tolerance facade, and they are blinded to the reality that we are in a battle. (spiritually and physically)

OK. That's all I will write-I promise! And I won't even tell Curt about this post. ; )

Kim M. said...

I am really "bitter" about what he said. :-D