Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Six Word Memoir

Some time ago, I read a review of a book entitled, "Six Word Memoirs"; at least I think that was the title! I do remember the objective was that people from all walks of life submitted a "memoir" of their life or life's work or life's belief using only SIX WORDS. Legend has it that Hemingway was once asked to write a story using only six words. What he came up with was something like this: "For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn." Doesn't that just grab you and make you want to know MORE! I remember another one from the review: "Not quite what I was planning." Wow....

Being a lover of words, I was captivated by this thought. Many nights I have sat with a notebook and doodled, trying to sum up my life's passions in six words. I don't exactly know what is so special about six words, as opposed to 7 or 12, etc. But this was the book's premise and many people seemed to be doing so well at it.

I've come up with a few different ones; perchance I am too verbose for such a task. Here are just a couple of mine: "Earnest Godseeker; Offspring's Teacher; Secret Dreamer"; and "Unworthy by nature; Chosen anyway; BLESSED."

I'm thinking some of my readers could blow me away with this assignment! I would love to hear them. So, what about you? Can you write a SIX WORD MEMOIR?

Update: After posting this, I decided to refresh my memory a little as to the actual book; it had been awhile since I had read about it. So I did some searching. I learned something interesting: for one thing, the book's actual title was the memoir I already posted: "Not quite what I was planning." ; something else I noticed is that people will submit their deepest and most anguishing personal truths when it is published anonymously. For instance, two I found particularly painful: "I Am A Child Of Adultery." and "Wedding Bands Can Easily Come Off." In these situations, you can tell that a person truly has reduced their darkest inner pain to six words. Wow.


Kimberly said...

I saw this idea on another blog...have been thinking off and on about it...still have not come up w/anything I'm willing to post yet (harder than you would think) beat me to it, girl!!:) It is such an interesting idea...and definately Hemingway takes the prize..brilliant! I'll keep thinking on this! Yours was good! Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

I've also been thinking about this. However, my brain has been a bit busy on other things, and by the time I get to the fun stuff - it's tired. So...possibly I can amaze you with cleverness in the future. I was impressed with yours!

Charity said...

Nathan says "I can do it in just four words: Not What I Expected"

Charity said...

Nathan says "I can do it in just four words: Not What I Expected"

kayla said...

I'll be back!

jenny said...

neat idea...i hadn't seen this before

I'd say:

fallen. redeemed. sought after. love wins.

Derek Hickman said...

Hey Nate,

I can also say it in four words:

"Pain. Suffering. Sorrow. Agony."

he he

Mary Ellen said...

"Living a blessed, happy, wonderful life."

Not profound...but oh so true!