Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tales from the Sun

The story I'm about to relate will certainly strike you as a wee tad bit disrespectful on the part of my son. And I did indeed deal with it as such, but it still has its humor and once again illustrated to me the mysterious working that is the mind of the male species.

In an effort to make the lawn chair not quite as hot in the afternoon sun, Cameron began pouring his glass of drinking water down the back of it. I told him to please stop 'wasting' water. He replied, "It's not wasting; it's just another use for it." Again, disrespectful I know. But I was floored at his quick deductive reasoning. :)

And on another entirely unrelated and wacky train of thought: I had a flash of memory while outside playing with the kiddos this afternoon. So to prove to Kayla, Kimber, and others that I haven't completely succumbed to dementia, I thought I'd share my private chuckle. Unfortunately, it will only mean something to a very small percentage of my readers. Sorry about that! Sophie's lovely locks were glistening in the light of the sun. Suddenly, I thought..."Oh...don't call it red; Call it AW-BURN!" :)


A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Tara, thank you so much for the info you left for me concerning my burned up microwave. I had talked to a friend tonight at VBS and she suggested the lemons. I'm going tomorrow to get some. And I'm going to look into the book you suggested. Thank you so much. God bless. Oh, you have a beautiful family.

Doris said...

Sophie's hair is beautiful! All your children's hair are beautiful!

Juwah said...

How come it's always funnier when somebody elses kid is being a smarty? :)
Ok, I don't remember the AWBURN joke. So whose old now?