Thursday, June 24, 2010

Been A Long Time Gone

Well, hello there. Welcome to my first post of 2010. Hey, the year is ONLY half over. :)

I've said so often how much I miss blogging. And it's true. But sadly, wherever my blogging self went it hasn't really returned. I'm sort of forcing the issue tonight, just to see if the juices will begin to flow by default.

It's not really that I haven't had blog topics hit my brain, it's certainly not that I'm not reading or thinking...(!)'s more that whatever that special place is in my mind that allows me the creative ability to say something "original" just isn't working or something. I over-analyze way more than I used to back in the hey-day of blogging!

I've been thinking about a few subjects as of late. The role of the church (and what is church) in today's culture. The idea that nothing is new under the sun. And believe it or not, I wrote a whole fascinating (said tongue in cheek) essay in my mind about the Shakers! This after having visited the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill here in KY. And I still just might find the will to post those thoughts some day soon. That was a history lesson. Always thinking about parenting, of course. Conflict resolution. What it means to surrender my rights. You know, just simple little easy topics.

Many of the thoughts that come to me and many of the areas that bring struggle and wrestling in my spirit as I search for answers usually pertain to ministry. I guess that's because it's our life now. And maybe I do a disservice to myself and perhaps any other lone soul out there by not sharing some of these things...but I don't really feel "qualified" necessarily. (Here is where someone reminds me that blogging isn't for the qualified, it's for those willing to share their own experiences.) Thanks, I needed the reminder!

Clearly, this has just been a ramble..not worth your time to read. As I said, I just did it to get my feet wet again. I used to positively relish the great discussion and sometimes debate, but mostly just sharing that took place here in my little corner of blogger-world. I'd like to capture it again...

Thanks for listening, and good night!


Making Memories 1999 said...

Welcome back! If at some point you don't feel inspired to blog, feel free to just share some more pics of your beautiful family! =) (Love the new family pic that you've posted! Your kiddos are growin up!!) Take care, and hope you are enjoying your summer.

Tara said...

Thanks, Becca Boo! I need to have you add me to your blog since you went private. Do you have my email address? Let me know if I need to send it to ya!
Have a great day!

Juwah said...

Hooray you're back! (says the hypocrit just returning herself to blogworld.) I must say, you are such a great writer that even your "rambling" is a delight to read. Keep it coming sister. Love you.